At the end of each year we add up the bonuses you have earned during the course of that year. You will receive a bonus on 31 December if you have:

  1. paid with your MasterCard Gold at least 12 times;
  2. used Easy banking at least 12 times;
  3. saved at least €50 a month with a standing order;
  4. deposited at least €30 a month in Flexinvest;
  5. deposited the maximum tax-deductible amount into your pensions savings;
  6. a Top Home insurance policy;
  7. a minor child[CDC2] who made at least 12 transactions with their Welcome Pack;
  8. deposited at least €30 a month in a Junior Invest Plan or Junior Future Plan;
  9. a custody account or investment insurance policy with a value of at least €30,000;
  10. an energy credit facility;
  11. a Motor Insurance policy;
  12. a Europ Assistance annual contract.