Premium Bonus

Earn back up to 100% of your Premium Pack fees each yearPremium Bonus

What is the Premium Bonus?

The Premium Bonus is a loyalty programme for customers with a Premium Pack. There are 12 products and services each entitling you to a cash-back of €5.75 (the monthly fee for the Premium Pack) when you use them.

Benefits of this loyalty programme

At the end of each year we add up the bonuses you have earned during the course of that year. You will receive a bonus on 31 December if you have:

  1. paid with your MasterCard Gold at least 12 times;
  2. used Easy banking at least 12 times;
  3. saved at least €50 a month with a standing order;
  4. deposited at least €30 a month in Flexinvest;
  5. deposited the maximum tax-deductible amount into your pensions savings;
  6. a Top Home insurance policy;
  7. a minor child[CDC2] who made at least 12 transactions with their Welcome Pack;
  8. deposited at least €30 a month in a Junior Invest Plan or Junior Future Plan;
  9. a custody account or investment insurance policy with a value of at least €30,000;
  10. an energy credit facility;
  11. a Motor Insurance policy;
  12. a Europ Assistance annual contract.

By using our 12 most common products and services, you can automatically earn bonuses. The total of the bonuses earned in the year will be deposited into your account in February of the following year. That way you can mostly or fully earn back your Premium Pack every year.

Let's assume your Premium Pack only starts in July of this year. You can already start earning bonuses for the months of July to December. You will receive one twelfth of the bonus amount for each month you had your Premium Pack. The month in which you took out your pack counts as a full month.




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