Personalised bank card

Make banking more fun with the personalised bank card Personalised bank card

What is the personalised bank card?

The personalised bank card – or 'photocard' – is a BNP Paribas Fortis bank card you can have printed with an image of your choice. You can upload your own photo or select an image from our photo gallery. The personalised bank card offers exactly the same benefits as the normal bank card.

Advantages of this bank card

Using your bank card will be so much more fun if you give it a fun, original look. You'll be able find it more quickly in your purse or wallet, too.

Designing and ordering your card can be done is less than no time on our website Select or upload a photo, view the results, fill in your details, confirm and bingo... that's your card ordered! Or even easier: if you place your order via PC banking, your details will be filled in automatically.

Your personalised bank card will be ready within 10 bank business days. When you place your order you can say whether you want it to be sent to your home address or whether you'd prefer to collect it in branch. In the latter case we will contact you as soon as your card has arrived.


More details about this payment card

Your photo must not infringe any copyright or trademarks of others. It must not conflict with the law, public order or moral decency.  Discover the dos and don'ts in detail (pdf).




  • The personalisation itself costs EUR 9.50. The other charges for your bank card (monthly fee, costs of replacement in case of loss or theft of your card etc.) remain unchanged.
  • Holders of a Welcome Pack entitled to one free personalised bank card per calendar year.


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