Direct salary payments

Choose to have your salary paid directly into your bank account: practical, secure and fast. All you have to do is provide the number of your BNP Paribas Fortis current account to your employer in order to optimise the management of your money.


  • Direct salary payments are secure: your money is transferred directly and safely into your current account.
  • Direct salary payments are fast: you avoid the risk of unpaid items. Your account is immediately credited with funds.
  • Direct salary payments are practical: for example, applications for credit are made easier.
  • Direct salary payments are advantageous: you can quickly take advantage of new offers from your bank.
  • Direct salary payments are also completely free of charge.




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Direct salary payments are secure

  • Immediately remitting your money, automatically and safely, to your bank.
  • Avoiding the risks associated with cash management: loss, theft or not having enough time to ensure that it is safely lodged with the bank.

Direct salary payments are fast

  • Making the daily management of your transactions easier through a single account.
  • Automating your transactions: the bank carries out a whole range of tasks for you with total transparency giving you complete peace of mind.
  • Ensuring that all the information relevant to the management of your finances is in one place.
  • Making life easier for you, regardless of the method used: you can manage your banking transactions by using our Self banking or "remote banking" services (PC banking, Easy banking and Phone banking).


Direct salary payments are advantageous

  • Allowing you to easily build up a cash reserve using our automatic savings options.
  • Allowing you to quickly take advantage of any new investment opportunities offered by your bank by avoiding interbank transfers.
  • Avoiding inconsistencies between value dates for transactions between banks.

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