Authorised overdraft

Need money all of a sudden? You have an authorised overdraft of up to EUR 5,000 on your current account without any formalities.

What is an authorised overdraft?

Thanks to the authorised overdraft, you can take on temporary additional expenses without contracting new loans. You just need to apply for a three-month overdraft on your current account. There are no other formalities.


  • Freedom: you decide whether you want to make a major purchase, not your bank.
  • Discrete: you do not need to justify your purchases.
  • Convenient: no formalities to be dealt with.
  • Inexpensive: you just pay the debit interest and no other charges.



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You need to meet unexpected expenses or make additional investment. You then need quick access to financial resources, but do not necessarily want to take out a loan. An authorised overdraft is exactly what you need.

  • Your current account can go overdrawn for up to 90 days.  
  • As a private individual, your debit balance cannot exceed EUR 1,249.99. Young adults can go up to EUR 250 overdrawn.  
  • You can go overdrawn on your business account up to EUR 5,000.

There is no special contract to be signed. There is no long and complex procedure. A simple application and approval from your bank are all that is required. We automatically approve the application if there is no credit card linked to your account.


We calculate the interest based on the debit balance on your account, how long your account is overdrawn and how you use your current account. We do not collect amounts that are less than EUR 0.25.

Lender: BNP Paribas Fortis SA/NV, Montagne du Parc 3, B-1000 Brussels, RPM/RPR Brussels, VAT BE0403.199.702. Subject to acceptance of your application.

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