Click 'n Trade

You are wasting precious time on documentary collections and credits or letters of credit. Opt for rapid data interchange using Click 'n Trade.

What is Click 'n Trade?

Click 'n Trade allows you to manage your documentary credits and collections on line, without wasting time and free of charge.


  • Fast: everything is done on line in real time.
  • Clear: made to measure reports and detailed transactional history.
  • Free: you connect using your card reader and Isabel card.


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You no longer need to go to your branch for a letter of credit or documentary collection. Click ‘n Trade makes your life easier:

  • Enter the data on line;  
  • Send data securely using your electronic signature;
  • Send a SWIFT message for information to your supplier;
  • Monitor the status of your credit or collection in real time;  
  • View details of the amount, charges and currency immediately after payment;


You export goods? You will then receive a message immediately after acceptance of a letter of credit. You can then react quickly and send the goods to your customers.


You too would like to use Click ‘n Trade? A computer with an Internet connection and an Isabel card reader are all you need.

You regularly use the same wording in your letters of credit? Enter them into handy standard form. This will make it quicker to draw up your descriptions of documents or goods.

You draw up numerous letters of credit or documentary collections? If so, they need to be monitored closely and each transaction must be easy to trace. We have developed two handy tools for you:

  • Made-to-measure reports: generate payment or balance-sheet reports, filter on the basis of the amount or date, sort them and export them in Excel or pdf to your accounting programme.
  • Transactional history: get a handy detailed list of all transactions for the past six months. 

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