Business account for estate agents

Estate agencies have a statutory obligation to open two accounts: a current account for the agency and a trust account for their clients' funds. Our solution cuts out much of the paperwork involved in administering these accounts.

What is the Business Account for estate agents?

You open a business account for your agency and an account for third-party funds. You can subdivide the second account to separate sums from your different clients. Doing this is child's play thanks to PC banking.



  • Legally compliant: you have a statutory requirement to open a trust account.
  • Fast: use your various trust accounts as and when you need.
  • Flexible: manage your trust accounts using PC banking Pro.


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As an estate agent, you regularly hold funds from clients and third parties. It is your responsibility to keep them in safekeeping before transferring them to the appropriate beneficial owners. You also need to calculate accurately and transfer the interest earned on those sums.


Our trust account allows you to do this quickly and effectively:

  • you create as many individual trust accounts as you want
  • you use PC banking Pro to manage your accounts rapidly. 


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