Investor account

The leading edge tool for active investors.


What is Investor account?

The investor's account is available in euro and other foreign currencies and is designed specifically with active investors in mind, to run alongside a simple current account.


  • An account in different currencies that is easy to use and specifically intended for investment transactions.  
  • Free.
  • Separation of investment transactions and routine banking, payment card and direct debit operations.
  • Possibility of linking it to a Custody account for maximum efficiency.
  • Possibility, on request, of linking it to a euro overdraft facility to offset differences in price between investment transactions.


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Interest, calculated daily and payable quarterly, is paid on the EUR credit balance on your Investor's Account. The interest rate is always applied to the total deposit. There is no such interest on credit balances in foreign currencies.


The investor's account is a current account and therefore subject to Belgian withholding tax. The account holder receives a breakdown of withholding tax paid with each quarterly interest statement.


The investor's account is specifically designed to help with financial management. It is intended for investment transactions in euros and foreign currencies, such the payment of capital and/or interest on bank savings certificates and term deposits, buying and subscribing to Eurobonds and investment funds, buying and selling shares, etc.


To maximise your management options, you can link the Custody Account and Investor's Account held by the same person(s). The balance on the investor's account is then covered by the Custody Account Insurance free of charge.


Custody Account Insurance is an insurance product from AG Insurance, distributed by BNP Paribas Fortis. AG Insurance sa, Bd. E. Jacqmain 53, B-1000 Bruxelles – RPM Bruxelles – TVA BE0404.494.849 –
BNP Paribas Fortis SA/NV, Montagne du Parc 3, B-1000 Brussels – RPM Brussels – VAT BE0403.199.702, is registered and acting as insurance agent under FSMA n° 25.879A on behalf of AG Insurance sa.



The Investor's Account has a very specific purpose and therefore ideal for supplementing a Savings Account and Current Account. In addition to credit transactions, credit transfers can be made to pay the fee for your Custody Account, your PC banking subscription charges and your AG Insurance life assurance premiums.

You can also make credit transfers to current accounts, savings accounts and fixed-term deposit accounts with BNP Paribas Fortis belonging to one or more holders of the Investor's Account.

The following are not, however, authorised: transfers to third-party accounts, transfers to accounts not held with BNP Paribas Fortis and cash withdrawals.
Means of payment such as cheques and credit cards cannot be linked to the Investor's Account.


No account opening and administration charges

The following are free:

  • account opening and administration;
  • day-to-day use of the investor's account;
  • account statements that you print yourself at a Self terminal.


You only pay for:

  • the postage for statements that you want to receive through the post at the address of your choice;
  • the holding charge for statements that you want to be held at the branch of your choice.


An overdraft facility can be linked to your Investor's Account for additional investment flexibility.


Active investors want to be able to respond rapidly to favourable shifts in the market. It may not be possible, however, to free up certain investments until it is too late.

This is why you apply to can link your Investor's Account to an Overdraft Facility. You can then temporarily bridge your securities purchases and sales. The overdraft facility is limited to private investors for transactions in euro.


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