Loan protection insurance

Looking to build, buy or refurbish? A dream... and a question of money. But also of uncertainty, given the risks that life brings and everything that can happen to household income.   

What is Loan Protection Insurance?

Loan protection insurance covers repayment of the balance of your home loan if you die unexpectedly. You decide on the percentage of the sum borrowed that you want to insure.



  • Protection: your loved ones and your assets, including your home, are protected if the insured person dies.
  • Up to 4 months' free cover 
  • Tax break: we ensure that you get the maximum tax break on your Home Loan, including the premium(s) for Loan Protection Insurance.
  • Freedom of choice: you are free to choose how you pay your premium.


We have 3 separate packages, depending on how the premium is paid.

Depending on your budget, potential tax breaks, etc., you can pay the premium in a single payment or spread it over time with our level premium or risk premium packages. You could even consider combining several packages.


  • Single-premium Loan Protection Insurance: you pay the premium in one go and take advantage of the maximum tax breaks in the first year of your Home Loan. If you include the premium amount in your loan, you can spread the cost over the entire term of your loan.
  • Level Premium Loan Protection Insurance: you can sometimes make the most of your tax breaks by staggering payment of the premium. Depending on your tax allowances in the first year, you can increase the first premium and reduce subsequent premiums (it is possible to stagger them over a maximum of two-thirds of the term of the policy).
  • Risk Premium Loan Protection Insurance: you avoid any risk of underinsuring the loan. You pay an annual premium that changes every year, depending on the principal yet to be repaid, the interest rate and the life of the loan.

In principle, the term of the insurance policy corresponds to the total life of the Home Loan to which it is linked.

A Home Loan is often based on two incomes: The death of one of the partners can therefore have major financial consequences. Our "Total Cover" loan protection insurance therefore involves taking out one or more policies on the life of each borrower for the full amount of the loan. The peace of mind provided by the "Total Cover" insurance is obvious: the burden of the loan disappears completely if one of the borrowers dies.

From the moment that your application is accepted by AG Insurance until the relevant document is signed (or your insurance policy comes into effect), you have full free cover for up to 4 months.



Loan Protection Insurance concerns an insurance product of AG Insurance, distributed by BNP Paribas Fortis.

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