INAMI/RIZIV (National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance) Pension Invest Plan or Income Protection Insurance paid from INAMI/RIZIV payments.

Invest your INAMI/RIZIV benefits in a supplementary pension or guaranteed income to provide extra security.

How can I spend my INAMI/RIZIV compensation?

Are you receiving INAMI/RIZIV benefits*? If so, you can use them to build a tax-efficient supplementary pension on top of your statutory pension (with a Pension Invest Plan with INAMI/RIZIV). It is also a good way to protect yourself against disability thanks to the solidarity benefit system. You can also use your INAMI/RIZIV benefits to finance Guaranteed Income Insurance.


(*) INAMI/RIZIV: the National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance. INAMI/RIZIV organises, manages and monitors the compulsory insurance for medical care and benefits in Belgium.


  • Guaranteed return: You only invest compensation from INAMI/RIZIV.
  • Security: If you opt for a Pension Invest Plan with INAMI/RIZIV, you build a supplementary pension whilst enjoying additional protection against disability with solidarity benefits. If you opt for Guaranteed Income Insurance, you can receive a replacement income in the event of loss of income.
  • Flexible: You can amend your contract when you wish.
  • Simple: We will handle all the administration. 


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As a physician, dentist, pharmacist or physiotherapist, the three conditions for receiving INAMI/RIZIV compensation are:

  • You accept the convention with the national health insurance funds.
  • You apply the conventional fees.
  • You apply for INAMI/RIZIV compensation on time every year.


Our advice: Use the INAMI/RIZIV reimbursements to build extra pension, because the statutory pension for the self-employed and professionals is very limited. Use part of the INAMI/RIZIV compensation for disability insurance. This will provide you with supplementary income if you are unable to work for a while.


This gives you an idea of the currently applicable INAMI/RIZIV compensation per occupation:






Fully acceded

EUR 4,790.23


Partially acceded

EUR 2,259.67


Fully and partially acceded

EUR 2,239.31



EUR 2,828.73


Part-time (between 28 and 38 hours a week)

EUR 2,121.55


Half-time (less than 28 hours a week)

EUR 1,414.37



EUR 1,527.00


Your statutory pension is limited, but as a physician, dentist, pharmacist or physiotherapist, you can also build a comprehensive supplementary pension without having to make any investments yourself by using your INAMI/RIZIV compensation.


The principle is very simple:

  • You pay in a percentage of your INAMI/RIZIV compensation.
  • This payment generates interest and increases your pension capital.
  • You also build solidarity benefits in the event of disability. 10% of the premium must be used to finance the solidarity part. The solidarity rules provide the following solidarity benefits:
    • Financing of the supplementary pension and/or survivor's pension during a period of primary disability
    • Financing of the supplementary pension and/or survivor's pension during the period of disability
    • An annuity for the first 5 years of total incapacity for work


We invest every premium at the current guaranteed interest rate, so all your premiums generate interest individually.

You will also benefit from any profit-sharing. Profit-sharing is not guaranteed and may fluctuate depending on the economic situation and the operating results of AG Insurance. It is therefore not a reliable indicator of future results.


You therefore get all the benefits of a Private Supplementary Pension for the Self-Employed (PLCI/VAPZ) without having to pay the premiums.

You can also use your INAMI/RIZIV (National Sickness and Invalidity Insurance Institution) contributions to finance Income Protection Insurance, which will give you a replacement income if you lose your income.

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Being unable to work is a nightmare for the self-employed. There is very limited statutory protection: there is no benefit the first month and thereafter you receive a maximum of EUR 1,403.74 a month for a maximum of 11 months (figure at 01/04/2013).


Income Protection Insurance allows you to top up these benefits in three simple steps:

  • you pay in a percentage of your INAMI/RIZIV payments;
  • you choose the terms and conditions of your Income Protection Insurance policy;
  • you receive benefits from the moment you have an incapacity for work of 25% or more.


The amount of these benefits depends on your contributions, your age, your sex and the options you have chosen.


INAMI/RIZIV (National Sickness and Invalidity Insurance Institution) website (FR)

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