Property & Benefit Plan

If you are over 50 years of age and you want to benefit from a life-long annuity with protection of your initial capital, the Property & Benefit Plan is the ideal solution.

What is the Property & Benefit Plan?

The Property & Benefit Plan is an individual life insurance policy (branche/tak 21) by AG Insurance that indemnifies your investment (excluding tax) under the Property component and provides a lifelong supplementary income under the Benefit component.


  • Safe: you receive an attractive, risk-free supplementary income with retention of your capital.
  • Reassuring: the supplementary income allows you to maintain your current standard of living. The supplementary income can also increase along the way thanks to potential profit sharing.


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  • The Property component ensures that you retain your investment (excluding tax). In the event of your death, the investment amount is paid to the person you have indicated as your beneficiary.
  • The Benefit component offers you a lifelong supplementary income that can increase annually thanks to potential profit sharing

You decide how much you want to invest. You can obtain a monthly, quarterly or half-yearly annuity from as little as EUR 25,000. A premium of EUR 6,250 is sufficient to provide you with an annual annuity.

A 2% insurance tax applies to the total paid premium.
A separate annual 25% tax (+ municipal tax) applies to just 3% of the net premium invested in the Benefit component.
All information about the Property & Benefit Plan is available from any BNP Paribas Fortis branch.

Profit sharing may be added to your annuity amount. This results in an annuity increase that is final and retained until death.

You can transfer part of your assets to your children or other loved ones while you are still alive. Combining a gift by delivery with a Property & Benefit Plan gives you a range of options. You can, for example, continue to receive the income deriving from the capital gifted. Or you can ensure that the capital gifted returns to your estate if the beneficiary of the gift dies before you.



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