Help your employees to enjoy life to the full when their careers come to an end. Offer them a group insurance with tax breaks designed for small and medium-sized companies.

What is Pension@work?

Pension@work is a group insurance from AG Insurance that enables your employees to build up a supplementary pension over their working life. You can deduct the premiums from your business tax.


  • Fringe benefit: the certainty of a comfortable supplementary pension. You can offer your staff an advantageous bonus without a high tax or social security cost.
  • Everyone is covered: all your staff enjoy the benefits unless they explicitly refuse it.
  • Flexibility: you are free to change the contributions during the life of the policy.
  • Supplementary pension: up to 80% of the last gross salary in addition to the State pension.
  • Death insurance: payment of a capital sum to close family in the event of premature death.
  • HR management: a benefit crucial to recruiting or motivating your staff.


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The State pension in Belgium is under great strain. A supplement in addition to their State pension is therefore essential for a large number of your staff; it will enable them to maintain their standard of living.


You can give them a helping hand with Pension@work. You then pay a monthly premium into a pension fund for your staff. They will then have a supplementary income when they reach retirement age. If they die before they reach that age, the capital will be paid to their heirs.

We have created three different group insurance packages.

  • General pension plan: you decide the amount of the premium you will pay per category of employee.
  • Bonus pension plan: the amount of the premiums depends on your internal rules on bonuses. High bonuses to be paid this year? Then there will also be an increase in the pension contribution.
  • Personal pension insurance: a supplementary pension for an employee within your organisation. Often a self-employed business manager.


Setting up a Pension@work plan? All your staff will then be free to decide whether or not to benefit. All your new staff are automatically covered in any event.


You decide how it will be financed at the outset: you can pay all or part of the premiums or they can be paid by your employees.


You pay your employer premiums every month. Have you temporarily underpaid? You can then make a lump sum payment to return the pension to the right level.


Have you opted for a general pension plan that is not linked to your bonus rules? You can then opt for additional cover.

  • Death insurance: the heirs of any employee who dies before he reaches the age of 65 are entitled to a lump sum payment of EUR 200,000.
  • Supplementary accidental death insurance: the payout in the event of death increases to a maximum of EUR 300,000.
  • Disability insurance: you cease to pay the full premiums for an employee with a disability of over 25%. The employee's pension continues to grow, however.
  • Disability annuity: your disabled employee is entitled to their statutory disability benefit plus a supplementary annuity.

All the premiums you pay as an employer can be deducted in full from tax as a business expense. Employee contributions also benefit from a 30% tax break.


As an employer you only pay 8.86 % social contributions on the paid premiums. Therefore, a group insurance is the most interesting salary increase you can offer your employees.


Pension@work leaflet (pdf, FR)

General terms and conditions (pdf, FR)


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