Junior Future Plan

Like any parent, you want the best for your child or grandchild. Want to assist financially? Set up a plan now that combines security and return.

What is the Junior Future Plan?

The Junior Future Plan is an investment scheme (a combination of universal life insurance - branch 21 products - and fund-related insurance - branch 23 products) that allows you to build up a capital for your child or grandchild. It combines capital protection and a potentially high return from investment in funds.


  • Well-balanced: you combine the certainty of a guaranteed return with a potentially higher return.
  • Made to measure: you choose the balance between security and return of your plan.
  • Flexible: you can easily change the balance between security and return during the life of your plan.
  • Protection: you can adopt an increasingly safe profile as the maturity date approaches.
  • Flexibility: you control the policy at all times. You can change the beneficiary whenever you want.

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The Junior Future Plan is a life-assurance product with two components:

  • The Capital Constitution component provides the security of capital protection and a guaranteed return (a branch 21 product). An interest rate on each payment that is guaranteed until the policy expires. You can therefore be certain of guaranteed capital, which may be topped up by with-profits bonuses.
  • The Capital Plus component linked to investment funds (a branch 23 product) can be added to boost the return. This component is put into investment funds. The percentage of this component invested in equities automatically decreases as maturity approaches, making the investment increasingly safe.


The Junior Future Plan can be taken out in your name or in the name of the child you want to benefit:

  • You decide the regular amount you want to save. EUR 30 is sufficient.
  • Prefer to make a one-off payment? This is also possible from as little as EUR 30. Additional payments during the life of the policy can be made at any time.

Each one-off payment is automatically divided between the Capital Constitution and Capital Plus components, depending on the level of capital protection you have chosen.

An example: you opt for full cover, that is to say complete capital protection. This means that you can be sure of having a minimum return at maturity. But you can also limit this protection to just part of your initial capital (e.g. 70%, 80% or 90%): you then free up the other part of your capital for investment in the Capital Plus component and can get the full benefit of any rise in stock market prices. You can review your choice at any time.


For a Junior Future Plan with a holder who is a minor, a number of protective mechanisms apply.

There is a specific allocation key for each risk profile that determines the percentages of the payment allocated to the Capital Constitution and Capital Plus components. This key may be revisited at any time.

Worried that your (grand)child who will benefit from your Junior Future Plan may not use the capital you have built up in the way you want? If so, you can change the beneficiary clause at any time. This means that you keep control of your plan.

The Junior Future Plan is also an instrument that is ideally suited to overall wealth planning. You can, for example, favour your grandchildren without your children knowing. That is for you to decide.




General terms and conditions (pdf, FR)Junior Future Plan financial fact sheet (pdf, FR)Junior Future Plan leaflet (pdf, FR)

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