James, your investment advice service, is accessible wherever and whenever you want

James, your advice service, accessible wherever and whenever you wantJames

Wat is James?

James is a unique concept in Belgium. Thanks to this investment advice service, you can manage your portfolio wherever and whenever you want, even outside office hours. So you will never miss an investment opportunity again.


James knows your files inside out, your opinion on investments and what your preferences are. Whatever your question, James can provide a solution. In order to do so, your investment advisor works in tandem with a team of experts in different areas (tax, credit facilities, insurance, etc.). Any contact you have is therefore imbued with a personalised touch and everything is carried out precisely as you wish.

This is the James philosophy: a direct relationship with your personal adviser who you can contact easily using different direct channels (telephone and webcam). You no longer have to go to an appointment in branch. You can manage your affairs when it suits you, wherever you are.

A quick call or an email to your personal adviser and you will get a reply straight away. Even outside office hours: Monday to Friday between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m., and on Saturdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

If your personal investment adviser is absent, one of their colleagues will take over without a single problem.

Your personal investment adviser is at the heart of the financial markets and is linked to them in real time thanks to advanced sources of information. You will therefore always receive the latest information available at the moment you make contact.

Due dates, changes in rates or specific evolutions on the markets? Your personal investment adviser monitors your portfolio and will get in touch with you in a proactive manner if concrete opportunities arise. Of course, they will only do so at the times you have agreed with them.





  • James is a free service reserved for investor customers whose movable assets amount to at least EUR 85,000.

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