Socially Responsible Investment

More and more investors are keen to add a sustainable and/or ethical dimension to their investments. While financial performance remains the priority, they have an equally strong desire to contribute to a better world. It isn't always easy, however, to identify socially responsible investments with any certainty. Choosing an SRI fund is therefore an excellent way of ensuring the socially responsible character of your investment.

What is a socially responsible UCI?

The portfolios of socially responsible UCIs, of which BNP Paribas Fortis is a promoter, consist of assets selected from the universe of socially responsible investments (SRI) of BNP Paribas Investment Partners.* That universe is made up exclusively of companies that:

  • Meet specific environmental, social and corporate governance criteria (such as transparency in remuneration and decision-making);
  • Offer products and services that help meet the challenges of sustainable development.


* BNP Paribas Investment Partners manages the UCIs for which BNP Paribas Fortis is the promoter.


Alongside the certainty that you are only investing in companies that meet strict sustainability criteria, you enjoy the classic benefits of a UCI.

  • Optimum risk spread via effective diversification, even when the starting capital is limited.
  • Long-term growth in return.
  • Tailored: sustainable UCIs are available for every investor profile (conservative, defensive, neutral, dynamic and aggressive).
  • Brings hard-to-access markets or assets within reach of private investors.
  • Active management by experts, who constantly take account of the strategic investment decisions of BNP Paribas Fortis.


There is a substantial selection of socially responsible UCIs offering an extremely wide range of risk exposure. Before making any investment decision, investors are advised to familiarise themselves with the official documentation including the description of the sub-fund's risk exposure, the recommended investment horizon and the risk class.

Choosing a socially responsible UCI to suit your needs

Whether you want to compile a fully fledged SRI portfolio or simply to add a particular sustainable or ethical emphasis by means of specific UCIs, your investor profile will, of course, remain the decisive element in the investment choices you make. Depending on that profile, you will opt for formulas that favour risk management or which pursue a potentially higher return, linked in each case to the opportunities offered by sustainable development.





Discover in detail

Depending on your available capital, the choice of a socially responsible strategy sub-fund or a judicious combination of different SRI UCIs investing in shares or bonds can form the basis of a global, effectively diversified SRI portfolio, thereby helping keep the risk exposure under control.

To enhance the socially responsible dimension of an existing portfolio, you can add specific UCIs with a strong emphasis on ethical and/or sustainable investments, or which concentrate on promising investment themes relating to the accelerated pursuit of solutions to the challenges of sustainable development.


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