Custody account

Put your shares, bonds and funds into a Custody Account. It is safe and advantageous.

What is a Custody Account?

It is an account in which you can deposit your securities for safekeeping. We keep them in a safe place and deal with the administrative formalities.


  • Safe: your securities documents cannot be stolen or lost.
  • Simple: we deal with custody and administration.
  • Comprehensive: all types of certificates can be held.
  • Inexpensive : no custody fee for securities issued by BNP Paribas Fortis.

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Seen an interesting investment opportunity? Buy your securities immediately and place them on your Custody Account. From that point onwards, they couldn't be simpler to administer.


  • We regularly inform you when a security is about to mature so that you can take your time to think about how to reinvest your capital.
  • Coupons are paid and your capital is repaid on the actual due date. This means that you do not lose any interest.
  • You can manage your Custody Account using PC banking, Phone banking, James or in-branch advisers .
  • You receive a free account statement after every transaction and a free quarterly securities statement. 
  • You alone decide on your securities. Everything is possible:
    • Advance subscription
    • Purchases and sales
    • Deposit
    • Transfer of securities to another Custody Account
    • Your investments are listed at the most recent price available.


When you open your Custody Account, you tell us the Current Account, Investor's Account or Savings Account to which we will automatically credit the interest and/or capital on the due date. This means that you never miss out on interest.


You decide whether you want the income from your securities to be in a foreign currency or in euros. Interest on a savings account can only be paid in euros.

A Custody Account gives you peace of mind since your certificates cannot be lost or stolen. Improper disposal by trusted persons or members of the family is also ruled out. 


Providing you take out Custody Account Insurance your Custody Account is also always covered(*).


(*) Custody Account Insurance is an insurance product from AG Insurance SA/NV, Bvd E. Jacqmain/E. Jacqmainlaan 53, B-1000 Brussels, Brussels Register of Companies, VAT BE 0404.494.849, offered by BNP Paribas Fortis SA/NV, Montagne du Parc 3, B-1000 Brussels – RPM Brussels – VAT BE0403.199.702, is registered and acting as insurance agent under FSMA n° 25.879A on behalf of AG Insurance sa.

With a Custody Account, you avoid numerous additional costs.

  • No custody fee for securities issued by BNP Paribas Fortis.  
  • Free quarterly statement of the securities on the account
  • You benefit from a reduction in the brokerage fees on stock market orders and subscription charges for in-house funds if you place your orders through PC banking or Phone banking.


Rates and charges for main securities transactions (pdf)Investment services general conditions (pdf)

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