Savings Account Plus

What is the Savings Account Plus?

The Savings Account Plus is a regulated savings account which offers you the possibility to build up a cash reserve in a simple manner. It is marketed by BNP Paribas Fortis, a public limited company under Belgian law, Warandeberg 3, B-1000 Brussels. The main advantage is the higher loyalty bonus than that offered by the Savings Account for amounts which remain in the account for 12 months. You also receive a higher basic interest rate and/or loyalty bonus as the balance increases.



  • Secure capital: your capital is guaranteed.
  • Payment of interest: attractive interest payments which increase as your balance increases (see current interest rates).
  • High liquidity: you have free access to your funds at all times.
  • Advantageous tax treatment: The Savings Account Plus is a regulated savings account, which means that you receive interest payments that are exempt from withholding tax.


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The payment of interest consists of:

    • a basic interest rate, which is calculated on a daily basis. The basic interest rate is not guaranteed and may fluctuate depending on changes in market conditions.
    • A loyalty bonus. This is calculated on every deposit which stays on the account for 12 consecutive months. The loyalty bonus is guaranteed over the acquisition period.

The basic interest rate and loyalty bonus are expressed as annualised gross percentages.


The basic interest rate and the loyalty bonus for the Savings Account Plus apply if and insofar as the balance on the Savings Account Plus is within a specific tranche. There is a specific rate for balances:

- below EUR 50,000

- between EUR 50,000 and EUR 149,999.99

- from EUR 150,000

If the balance on the account enters a new tranche through a deposit, the basic interest rate of the new tranche will apply to the total balance of the account from the day after the deposit.

If the balance on the account enters a new tranche at the time of a deposit or the start of a new loyalty period, this deposit or the new loyalty period will be awarded the loyalty bonus of the new tranche if those amounts remain on the account for 12 uninterrupted months.


Current interest rates (valid from 21/05/2014):



Taux de base

Prime de fidélité

From EUR 0 to EUR 49,999.99



From EUR 50,000 to EUR 149,999.99



From EUR 150,000







The basic interest rate and the loyalty bonus may vary according to market conditions or in the event of changes to the legally permissible limits. You will be notified of changes in the basic interest rate and/or the loyalty bonus by means of a notice with your next account statement.

The basic interest is paid into your account with 1 January as value date or at the moment of closing your account. The acquired fidelity premium will be paid into your account on the first day following the quarter during which the premium was acquired: January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st, or upon closing of the account.

A Savings Account Plus can never be overdrawn, so debit interest will never be due.


Natural persons enjoy an annual exemption. For 2015 the exemption is EUR 1,880.


This exemption is applied to each Savings Account for withholding tax.


Married and legally cohabiting couples who open a savings account in both their names even enjoy double exemption on this Savings Account. Interest for which the bank cannot apply an exemption is subject to 15% withholding tax.


If you have benefited from exemptions for several Savings Accounts (including those of your minor children) for which the exemption ceiling has been exceeded, you are obliged to declare on your income tax return the amount in interest payments from which no withholding tax was deducted and which exceeds the exemption ceiling.

Calculation of interest

The value date is the date when a deposit starts or stops generating interest. A deposit generates interest at the latest from the calendar day after the date of the deposit and stops generating interest on the day of withdrawal.

Withdrawals are deducted from amounts with the least premium acquisition time.


Transactions on the account

The law does not allow a savings account to be used as a current account. Nevertheless, many transactions are still possible:

  • cash withdrawals;
  • transfers to another account with the bank in the name of the holder(s);
  • transfers to a savings account with the bank in the name of the spouse of one or both of the parents or children of the holder of the savings account;
  • purchase of securities.



Essential information for savers (pdf) Current interest rates (pdf) Special Terms and Conditions for the Savings Account (pdf) New regulation for payment of loyalty bonus on regulated savings accounts (pdf)

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