Your payment terminal

Efficient, fast and secure payment services with your payment terminalpayment terminal

What is your payment terminal?

A competitive, comprehensive solution for collecting card transactions with Bancontact and credit cards that is easy and quick to manage and includes a comprehensive after-sales service.

Benefits of your payment terminal

You will offer your customers the convenience of paying without any cash. Your customers can pay with all standard cards: Bancontact, Visa, V-Pay, MasterCard and Maestro. Soon they will also be able to use American Express, Diners/Discover, CUP (Chinese Union Pay) and JCB (Japan Credit Bureau).


Accepted cards

Your transaction will take only a few seconds and no more time will be wasted on change. We also guarantee automatic, fast, simultaneous payment into your account for all card payments the following business day (for Bancontact as well as all credit cards).

Comprehensive after-sales service, which includes the installation and maintenance of your fixed, portable or mobile payment terminal. The customer contact centre is available 24/7.

You will receive a daily report of all transactions. Payments can be grouped, by transaction or by location. You will reduce the chance of any cash discrepancies and the risks associated with large amounts of cash.

You can immediately cancel incorrectly charged amounts. If your customer returns a purchase made by credit card by post or in person, you can also use your payment terminal to provide a full or partial refund.


Choose your payment terminal and the purchase or rental plan to suit you

Your fixed payment terminal is best located near your till or desk and you can use the internet connection to register the payments:

  • 1 or 2 modules with printer, not connected to the till
  • 1 module without a printer, connected to the till
  • portable terminal (Bluetooth) with printer

Your portable payment terminal will work anywhere. The device will connect through the GPRS network and will choose the best operator wherever you are at the time. Ideal for payments at home with customers or patients, in your taxi, in the outdoor section of your restaurant:

  • mobile terminal


Statutory information

  • Offers are exclusive to professional clients of BNP Paribas Fortis. For this service, BNP Paribas Fortis acts as an intermediary for SIX Payment Services S.A. Offers subject to the prior approval of your application by SIX Payment Services S.A. SIX Payment Services S.A., 10 Rue Gabriel Lippmann, L-5305 Munsbach, LU23138978.

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