Family Assistance with Top Family

What if you or a member of your family suffers an accident or illness? Whether you are in Belgium or abroad, you can always rely on our medical and financial assistance.

What is Family Assistance?

Family Assistance is the most comprehensive personal assistance package possible (for you and all of your family). It is an option available with your Top Family Personal Liability Insurance. It provides you with ongoing assistance in the event of an illness or accident in Belgium and abroad.


  • Broad cover: for every member of your family living under your roof.
  • Worldwide cover: you are covered wherever you are (including your home!).




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We provide assistance straightaway, as soon as a member of your family experiences a problem. We provide the help you need immediately wherever you want and give you professional advice.


We will help you:

  • in the event of illness or accident;
  • if you are unable to move because of a physical problem;
  • if you are faced with a difficult legal problem;
  • if you need information about services and excursions abroad.


Besides covering any problems, we also solve them, in Belgium and abroad.


Family Assistance abroad

  • We provide medical assistance and reimburse your medical expenses up to a ceiling of EUR 50,000.
  • We cover search and rescue costs.
  • We cover you if you need to extend your stay because a problem has arisen.
  • We arrange and finance repatriation.
  • We pay the fixed charge for ski passes.
  • We help if you lose your luggage or it is stolen.
  • We arrange for the necessary funds to be advanced.
  • And so on.


Family Assistance in Belgium

  • We provide extended medical assistance. We send a doctor to you and arrange ongoing monitoring of critical health situations.
  • If you fall ill or suffer an accident, you are entitled to home help.
  • We give you checklists for moving home, building or buying a house or getting married.
  • You can rely on our experienced team to provide daily support and deal with the formalities following a death. We drive your children to school and to the sports club.

Your insurance provides assistance for:

  • yourself
  • anyone else living in your household
  • your (grand)children traveling with you who under 25 and who are still dependent on you, provided that they are unmarried.
  • any other person travelling free of charge in your car (in the event of a breakdown or accident), except for hitchhikers

When you are in an emergency situation, you need help as soon as possible. This is why we can be contacted 24/7. Call TeleClaims on 0800 960 40 and we will do our best to help you as soon as possible.

From abroad, you should call +32 2 664 99 00.

The General Terms and Conditions of Top Family (including Family Assistance) are given below:

General Terms and Conditions of Top Family (pdf, FR)

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