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The world is at your feet. And you have only one desire: to get out there and explore. Which means you run some additional risks. Because what might be a minor problem here... can get completely out of hand in another country. So make sure you have the best assistance available when you are abroad.

What is a Student policy?

The ideal protection if you are going to study abroad, including extensive medical cover with reimbursement of medical expenses up to EUR 250,000 and tuition fees if you have to break off your studies for health reasons … not forgetting third-party liability insurance.


  • Peace of mind: start your studies abroad with no worries; Europ Assistance can help anywhere in the world, 24/7.
  • Comprehensive coverage of medical expenses and other costs, which may be quite high, particularly abroad.
  • Cover against breaking off your studies: cover of your tuition fees up to EUR 12,500.


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Europ Assistance covers you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You just need to dial a single number to reach a Europ Assistance representative in Belgium who will personally arrange your assistance, anywhere in the world.


  • Europ Assistance will organise assistance and refund medical expenses paid abroad up to EUR 250,000.
  • Europ Assistance covers your studies abroad for up to 12 consecutive months.
  • If necessary, Europ Assistance will repatriate you with an insured companion of your choice.
  • An emergency doctor is ready and willing to help, 24 hours a day. If necessary, Europ Assistance will send a doctor to the scene.
  • If you get lost or suffer an accident while skiing, Europ Assistance will take care of the rescue costs.
  • Europ Assistance can arrange for psychological support after a trauma.
  • If one of your family left behind in Belgium goes into hospital or dies, Europ Assistance will arrange and pay for your return transport to Belgium.
  • What if you need to go into hospital abroad for a period expected to last more than 5 days? Europ Assistance will arrange and pay for the return travel of a member of your family from Belgium (travel costs, hotel).
  • Europ Assistance provides maximum cover of EUR12,300,000 per loss for bodily injury caused to third parties.
  • Europ Assistance covers you for up to EUR 1,240,000 per loss for material damage caused to third parties.

What if you have to break off your studies due to ill health or following the death or long-term hospitalisation (more than 30 days) of one of your parents? Europ Assistance will refund your tuition fees up to EUR 12,500.

Abroad, the consequences of even a minor mishap are always more complicated and expensive and can even turn into a nightmare.


  • What if you lose your luggage or it is stolen? Europ Assistance will send you emergency essentials.
  • What if your luggage is over 8 hours late? Europ Assistance will cover emergency purchases of basic essentials.
  • What if you need money whilst receiving assistance abroad? It will be made available to you as soon as possible.
  • Europ Assistance will send you your glasses and essential medicines that you cannot find abroad.
  • Europ Assistance will assist you if you are involved in legal action abroad.
  • Europ Assistance will assist you if your travel documents and tickets are stolen abroad.
  • Whilst providing assistance, Europ Assistance will also help you if you do not speak the local language.

Europ Assistance can:

  • help you with the practicalities of your trip by informing you about: visas, compulsory vaccinations, the climate, means of transport, health precautions as well as tourist attractions and cultural events;
  • and also tell you about major libraries in cities and student clubs recognised by the university where you are going to study.


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