Motor Insurance

The roads seem to get busier every year. And every driver knows he or she can have an accident. That's why you need good insurance.

What is Motor Insurance?

If you cause a traffic accident when driving, you're liable for the damage caused. TPL (third-party liability) cover is required by law and forms the heart of any motor insurance policy. It shields you from the potentially severe financial consequences of an accident where you are at fault.

Find out how our Motor Insurance extends the scope of the legally required TPL Motor cover. Discover too how you can supplement your insurance to provide appropriate protection for:
  • Your vehicle;
  • Your family and, not least, yourself.


  • Turbo Bonus: did you have an accident years ago for which you were at fault? And is your insurer still making you pay for it? Turbo Bonus shifts your no-claims bonus up a gear!
  • Good drivers are rewarded: with us you get your -2 level no-claims bonus for life. And you'll also discover our TPL Max (it's free too!) – the first TPL Motor policy that always compensates good drivers for their injuries, even when they're at fault for the accident!
  • A ‘Top Comprehensive' policy for a new car? Or ‘Top Pre-owned' cover for your second-hand car? Damage to your own vehicle is always optimally covered at the right premium.
  • Rapid claims settlement by TeleClaims: simply call freephone 0800 96 040 and we'll provide you with immediate assistance (24/7). Rather report your claim online? That's possible too.
  • Free premium splitting: would you prefer to pay monthly premiums? There's no charge for spreading your annual premium.





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A TLP Motor policy insures you for any damage you cause to others. This insurance is legally required for every car on the public highway. But AG Insurance's TPL Motor cover offers you much more besides:


  • Turbo Bonus: accidents that happened more than five years ago are no longer taken into account when calculating your no-claims bonus.

    Here's an example: you've held your driving licence for six years now, but in the first year you had an accident where you were at fault. For us, that's now history. So you don't start with a level 10 no-claims bonus, you move straight to level 5.

  • 2 no-claims bonus for life: Once you reach this no-claims bonus level, you keep it for life... even after one or more accidents where you are at fault.
  • Achieved a -2 no-claims bonus? In that case, you automatically receive TPL Max cover: free of charge and for life.

    TPL Max always compensates you for injuries suffered as driver (up to EUR 250,000), even after an accident where you are at fault. This benefit is unique in the Belgian market, and is reserved for our best drivers.

  • Age guarantee. We will never cancel your contract based solely on your age.
  • Immediate assistance: our Immediate Assistance kicks in 24/7 whenever your car is immobilised after an accident in Belgium or up to 30 km over the border. Vehicle recovery, taking your passengers to their destination and a free replacement vehicle for one day: they're all included as standard in our TPL Motor cover, even if the accident was your fault.


The Legal Assistance option guarantees that a court case will never put you in severe financial difficulty, even if the proceedings drag on for a long time.

Situations in which your Legal Assistance insurance will come to your aid:

  • The accident you caused resulted from a traffic offence, landing you in court;
  • You have a disagreement about badly performed repairs;
  • The person liable for the accident is not insured and has little money.

Comprehensive insurance tailored to your needs, including your choice of excess


Third party car insurance primarily covers damages that you cause to third parties. But what happens if your own vehicle is damaged? In this case, you can rely on Top Omnium for your new car.


TOP OMNIUM insurance is an AG Insurance comprehensive insurance product distributed by BNP Paribas Fortis.

It is a one-year policy with renewal by tacit agreement governed by Belgian law marketed in combination with THIRD PARTY CAR insurance.


What are the main risks covered?

Top Omnium is made up of two types of coverage: "Multi-Risk" and "Material Damage"

For Multi-Risk, loss or damage resulting from a fire, theft, glass breakage, a natural catastrophe or a collision with an animal.

For Material Damage, all material damage suffered as a result of an accident, including that occurring during the transport of the vehicle and during related loading or unloading operations.

For Material Damage, acts of vandalism and wilful acts other than those committed by an insured or a beneficiary.


What are the main risks not covered?

For Multi-Risk, the theft of the vehicle when the vehicle protection system required by the company was not turned on or was not working properly.

For Material Damage, losses caused by a driver who is intoxicated, has a blood alcohol content in excess of 1.5 grams per litre (0.65 mg/l of exhaled alveolar air) or in a similar state as a result of the use of substances other than alcoholic drinks.


The above lists are not exhaustive. To find out the exact scope of cover, please see the General Terms and Conditions for the product, which can be obtained free of charge at a branch and which are also available below. To request a quote, please contact your branch or call our Easy Banking Centre on 02 26.11.11.


You have the choice between the "Multi-Risk" coverage or the combined "Multi-Risk" and "Material Damage" coverage for the best possible protection.


Multirisk (small Omnium)

Material Damage

This coverage insures you against damage caused to your vehicle in the event of:

  • theft and attempted theft;
  • fire;
  • breaking of glass;
  • natural disasters, collision with an animal;
  • damage caused by an animal to the electrical wiring, hoses or the insulation of the engine compartment.
  • There is no excess with Multi-Risk insurance. It is, however, possible to opt for an excess in the event of theft.

The Material Damage coverage can only be taken out in combination with the Multi-Risk coverage. The combination of the two policies is marketed under the name Top Omnium.

You cause to your own vehicle (whether or not you are at fault)

This policy covers all damages:

  • that you cause to your vehicle (whether or not you are at fault);
  • that another person causes to your vehicle, for example, an unknown driver during a parking manoeuvre (offence for fleeing the scene), vandalism, etc.

Network of certified repairers

For both Multi-Risk and Material Damage, you are free to choose the repairer. If you entrust the repairing of your car to one of the numerous repairers certified by AG Insurance, you benefit from a more rapid and effective service, coverage on the repairs and the spare parts, of the third party payment system, etc.

A service which frees you of the administrative hassle and other concerns.



What excess to choose (for new contracts and the changes of vehicle since 23/01/2016)?

There is no excess with Multi-Risk insurance. It is, however, possible to opt for an excess in the event of theft. The excess is then identical to that applied to material damage.

For Material Damage, your choice depends on the premium that you wish to pay for the risks that you are prepared to bear. Your BNP Paribas Fortis point of contact will be happy to guide you in your choice: Fixed Excess or Flexi Excess.


Fixed Excess

In Top Omnium, Fixed Excess offers two options: the basic package or the package x 1.5 the basic excess.

If you opt for this higher excess, your Material Damage premium will be lower.


Flexi Excess (reserved for the best drivers who are on a 0 to -2 no claims discount)

The excess depends on the kind of accident. You will not pay the excess, for example, if you are involved in a traffic accident with another road user, if all of the parties have been identified (whether you are at fault or in the right) and if you arrange for the repair of your vehicle by a repairer certified by AG Insurance.


Your car was stolen or written off. What value can you then claim?

In the event of a write-off or theft, for example, you will wish to obtain maximum damages for your car. Top Omnium provides you with this opportunity, as well as the option to select the Excellence or Classic package.

Degressivity packages



Excellence package

Situation at the time of the accident

Degressivity (loss of value)

your car has less than 10,000 km on the clock


your car has over 10,000 km, but at least 7 months


your car has over 10,000 km1% per month, from the 7th month after the entry into circulation
Classic packagefrom the 1st month1.25% per month




Top Pre-owned: a recent second-hand car deserves good comprehensive cover too


Motor Insurance covers you for any damage you cause to others. But what if your own vehicle is damaged? A second-hand car is worth a lot of money as well.


Top Pre-owned is now available for second-hand cars up to six years1 old. This automatically includes ‘Multirisk' cover, which you can then combine as you wish with the ‘Material Damage' cover to provide optimum protection. Top Pre-owned is a real comprehensive insurance policy. It is there for you in the event of both partial damage and total loss, and for a reasonable premium too.


Top Pre-owned is aimed at owners of a car that:

  • Is less than six years old (counting from the date of registration); and
  • Cost more than EUR 5,000 (including VAT).


You can choose between ‘Multirisk' (‘mini-comprehensive') cover or a combination of Multirisk and the ‘Material Damage' option for optimum protection.



Material Damage

This cover compensates you for damage to your own vehicle due to:

  • Theft or attempted theft
  • Fire
  • Glass breakage
  • Forces of nature
  • Collision with an animal

This cover insures you against all damage that:

  • You cause to your own vehicle (whether or not you are at fault)
  • A third party causes, e.g. damage in a car park by an unknown driver, vandalism

Repair: free choice of mechanic

Excess (deductible): Active Deductible (excluding glass breakage, for which the deductible is EUR 50)


Active Deductible

In the event of a claim, under both the Multirisk and Material Damage cover, the following amounts are at your own risk:

  • A fixed amount of EUR 500 plus:
  • 15% of the claim;
  • To an a absolute maximum of EUR 1,500 (for the sum of both amounts)


How much would you yourself have to pay in the following examples?


Garage bill following repairs

Fixed amount

15% of the claim

Payable by you

EUR 2,000

EUR 500

EUR 300

EUR 800

EUR 8,000

EUR 500

EUR 1,200

EUR 1,700, but limited to EUR 1,500

EUR 14,000

EUR 500

EUR 2,100

EUR 2,600, but limited to EUR 1,500



Your car has been stolen or written off (total loss). How much will you receive for it?


A car loses part of its value with each year. All the same, you want to get as much back for your second-hand car as possible if it's written off (total loss) or stolen, taking account of its true value.


That's what Top Pre-owned offers you. The insured value of your second-hand car is based on the invoice value on purchase, reduced by 1% per month from the invoice date. That way, Top Pre-owned takes account of the true average depreciation (about 12% a year) of a second-hand car older than one year.

A storm, falling branches, flooding, a sudden hailstorm …

Natural disasters can cause serious damage. And global warming means that there will be more natural phenomena to contend with as time goes on.

Protect your vehicle against risks of this kind with our new OmniNature cover. For a modest fixed premium, your valuable property is insured against material damage caused by a range of natural disasters, both domestically and in all countries specified on the green card, whether you are camping in the south of France, for example, or on a trip around the Norwegian fjords.

OmniNatuur is reserved for customers with civil liability motor insurance
from AG Insurance who wish to protect their vehicle against natural disasters.


OmniNature is an optional insurance policy with RC Auto, a vehicle third-party liability insurance offered by AG Insurance and distributed by BNP Paribas Fortis. This insurance policy (subject to Belgian law) is concluded for a period of one year with tacit renewal.


What are the main risks covered by the policy?

· Damage to the vehicle by natural disasters (hail, storms, inclement weather, flooding, etc.).

· Broken glass caused by natural disasters.

· Cover in your country of residence and all countries specified on the green insurance card.


What are the main risks not covered by the policy?

· Depreciation of the vehicle.

· Costs incurred due to the vehicle not being available to use.

· Damage caused by stone chips or ice chips hitting the vehicle.


The above statements are not exhaustive. The exact scope of the guarantees are set out in the General Terms and Conditions of this product, which are available free of charge from your local branch. They are also provided below. For a quote, please visit your local branch or call the Easy Banking Centre on 02 261 11 11.

As you know only too well, as the driver, you often incur unexpected expenses if an accident occurs. 

For example, the driver who is responsible for the accident is not entitled to compensation. He must pay the medical costs. Quite apart from the costs of permanent disability or death! 

We therefore recommend that you always include this cover in your Auto Insurance policy.

Every member of your household is covered by this policy whenever they are in traffic:

    • as the driver or passenger of a car;
    • as a pedestrian;
    • as a cyclist.
    • And they are even covered if they are passengers on a boat, plane or bus.


If you have children, you will already know that insuring them is not an optional luxury. This insurance policy also pays all medical and hospital costs, as well as a lump sum in the event of the permanent disability or death of an insured person.

What if you are prevented from continuing your journey as a result of a breakdown, accident or theft of your car or motorbike? Top Assistance is there for you.

  • In Belgium: we ensure that your vehicle is repaired as quickly as possible (even if it is at your own home) or towed. If necessary, you will be provided with a replacement vehicle for 15 days.
  • Abroad: we arrange for the repairs, supply any replacement parts not available locally, provide a replacement vehicle for 7 days, etc.


What if you are ill or injured or have problems? Wherever you are in the world, Top Assistance is there to help you.

  • Contributions toward medical costs abroad up to EUR 50,000.
  • Repatriation of the patient and close family.

In calculating your premium, we not only take the options you have selected into account, but also your profile. The proof? We are happy to reward safe drivers.

  • Your third-party motor insurance premium falls in line with changes in your no-claims bonus. If you have a no-claims bonus of -4 or less, you often pay the lowest premium, and this is for life if you have a no-claims bonus of -2.
  • The Material Damage premium may fall in line with the age (value) of your vehicle. The Material Damage premium also falls in line with changes in your no-claims bonus for material damage (there is no penalty: the premium reduces annually until you reach the lowest level, except for damage caused by an accident for which you are liable - but even then your premium does not go up)!
  • Also good to know: you can, if you want, pay monthly or quarterly premiums by direct debit, without paying anything extra on the premium.


During hard times, you have to be able to count on good insurance. This is why we set up the TeleClaims claims settlement service. Just call the TeleClaims freephone number to initiate the comprehensive assistance procedure provided under your policy: we will provide you immediately with the assistance you need, draw up the notification of claim and settle that claim as quickly as possible. 


  • How to contact us?

    • In Belgium: call freephone 0800 960 40
    • From abroad: call +32 (0)2 664 99 00. The person dealing with your file will contact you as quickly as possible. All TeleClaims needs to begin organising the assistance is a brief outline of the claim. TeleClaims will then follow up your file.


    Our services

    • During business hours (8 am to 6.30 pm)
        • Everything needed to help.
        • Claims settlement. 
    • Outside business hours (6.30 pm to 8 am and during weekends and public holidays):
        • Recording of a brief description of the claim
        • Organisation of assistance




Third-party Auto Insurance leaflet (pdf) General Terms and Conditions of Insurance (pdf, FR)

Motor liability insurance concerns an insurance product of AG Insurance, distributed by BNP Paribas Fortis.


AG Insurance sa, Bd. E. Jacqmain 53, B-1000 Bruxelles – RPM Bruxelles – TVA BE0404.494.849 –
Accredited insurance company licenced under code number 0079, under the supervision of the National Bank of Belgium, 14 boulevard de Berlaimont, 1000 Brussels
BNP Paribas Fortis sa/nv, 3 Montagne du Parc, B-1000 Brussels – RPM/RPR Brussels – VAT BE 0403.199.702, registered with the FSMA under n° 25.879A and acting as a contractually appointed insurance agent on behalf of AG Insurance sa/nv.


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