Need urgent help in Belgium or abroad? In an emergency, you can always count on the free Assist smartphone app!


What is Assist?

This free app offers you the assistance and advice you need if you have problems with your bank account or cards, your car or your home. Or if a family member gets into difficulty. Whether you're in Belgium or abroad. Thanks to Assist, you'll know what to do and what help you can get.




Find out the details of the app

  • Assist tells you straight away what to do if there's a problem:
    • While travelling
    • With your cards or accounts
    • At your home
    • With your car
    • With a family member.
      Here are some examples: Had an accident on the way to work? Discovered a leak in your bathroom? Your wallet has been stolen? An annoying incident is threatening to spoil your trip? Launch the Assist app on your smartphone and you'll know what to do straight away.
  • What's more, as a BNP Paribas Fortis customer, you can see what assistance you can count on under your contract with Europ Assistance or the insurance policies you hold with BNP Paribas Fortis.
  • Thanks to Assist, you can now call on emergency assistance whenever you need it. It also keeps track of your important information: in the ‘Your Details' section, you can store the numbers of all your BNP Paribas Fortis insurance policies and your Europe Assistance contracts with BNP Paribas Fortis. So they're always there when you need them. And that's not all: Assist will display them automatically when you call for assistance or when notifying TeleClaims of an incident. You can adjust or add to your details any time you like.
  • You also have the most important national and international emergency phone numbers right there on your smartphone.
  • The ‘Come and Get Me' option tells you exactly where you are. You can then send your location, along with a handy little map, to a relative or friend via e-mail, text message, Facebook or Twitter.
  • Even at night, you can count on your Assist flashlight function to get you out of trouble!


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