Give yourself a regular supplementary income

Do you already have sizeable savings? Did you know that you can increase your monthly income by converting them? Ideal for supplementing your pension or salary if you are facing added expenditure.


Property and Benefit Plan

Put your savings into a life assurance policy. You will receive an additional pension annuity and your capital will remain intact.

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Annuity plan

Annuity plan

Convert your savings into a life annuity. You thus maintain your standard of living, even after you retire.

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Fix and Income Plan

Give yourself a regular additional income for 8 years. Your capital remains intact.

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Deposit account

Your savings will give you a fixed rate of return over a set period of time. The interest can be paid to you monthly or quarterly.

Deposit account

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Easy Fund Plan

Diversify your investments with a mixed portfolio. You have access to your capital and can change your strategy at any time.

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