Some of your data can, in particular, be collected by BNP Paribas Fortis:

  • whenever you become a customer;
  • whenever you register to use our online services (each time you log in or each time you use them);
  • whenever you fill in forms and contracts that we send to you;
  • whenever you use our services and products;
  • whenever you subscribe to our newsletters, reply to our invitations (conferences, etc.);
  • whenever you contact us via the various channels we offer you;
  • when your data are published or transferred by:
    • authorised third parties (Belgian Official Gazette, agents or brokers, companies that belong to our Group);
    • professional data providers;
  • whenever you are filmed by our surveillance cameras located in or near our branches/premises. These images are recorded solely for the purpose of protecting property and people's safety, and for preventing abuse, fraud or other criminal activities from which our customers and ourselves could also become victims (the presence of the cameras are indicated by stickers with our contact details).