We process your personal data for different purposes. For each processing, only the data that are relevant to the intended purpose will be processed.


Generally, we will use your personal data either:

  • whenever we have obtained your consent;
  • as part of performing a contract or taking pre-contractual steps;
  • in order to comply with all the legal and regulatory provisions that govern us; or
  • for reasons relating to the legitimate interests of the bank. When we carry out this type of processing, we always seek to maintain the balance between this legitimate interest and the protection of your privacy.


You will find below a more detailed explanation of the purposes we are pursuing:


  • prevention of money-laundering and the financing of terrorism, compliance with legislation relating to embargoes;
  • implementation of MiFID legislation;
  • fight against tax fraud (international conventions on assistance and exchange of information including FATCA, AEOI and others);
  • reply to an official request from a public or judicial authority with the necessary authorisation;
  • provision of banking services;

· proof of transactions (for example an order to buy securities);

  • prevention of abuse and fraud:
  • we process and manage contact and security data (card reader, password, etc.) in order to validate, track and ensure the security of transactions and communications made over our remote channels;
  • we use security cookies on our websites;
  • supply of services and products using processors (for example Atos Worldline for credit card transactions);
  • training of our staff by recording some phone calls to our call centres;
  • tracking of our activities (measuring sales, number of appointments, number of calls, visits to our website etc.);
  • improvement of our existing products and services (or those under development) by means of customer and non-customer surveys, statistics, tests, comments that you send us directly or that you publish on our YouTube, Twitter and Facebook pages, etc.;
  • improvement of the quality of personal service to our customers:
  • we segment our customers in order to provide them with the most appropriate service. This segmentation involves, in particular, customers' professional activities (so a doctor would be advised by a specialist in the liberal professions), banking needs (an investor will always be able to contact one of our investment experts), the value of the assets to be managed (from a certain wealth level, customers are offered our private banking service);
  • we take into account your preferences in terms of means of communication (phone, e-mail, etc.);
  • we review the frequency of our contacts with you in order to keep them at a reasonable level;
  • definition of your credit risk score (risks of defaulting on repayment, etc.). For this purpose, we use statistical models that identify the major risk factors based on the bank's lending history;
  • direct marketing relating to banking, financial or insurance products, or other products that we promote or that are promoted by companies that form part of the BNP Paribas Group.

In order to provide you with relevant products and services,

  • we make sure that our offers match your family situation and the products or services that you already hold, by reviewing the products that you use and your sociodemographic data (age, household composition, income, etc.), for example family protection insurance for families with children who do not have insurance yet;
  • we analyse your behaviour in the various channels (visits to our branches, e-mails or messages opened in Easy banking, visits to our website, etc.) in order to draw conclusions about your preferences (which channel you use most, for example) and to incorporate this by personalising information, the website pages you visit and online advertising;
  • we analyse your potential needs in relation to the use of a product or service in order to optimise our product range (for example, the type of current account);
  • we evaluate key moments when specific financial products and services might be relevant and commercially appropriate. For example, you open an account for your two-year-old child, and we suggest you might wish to subscribe to a family protection insurance to cover any third-party liability;
  • we evaluate your interest in a product or service based on certain identified characteristics within our customer base, applied anonymously (age, lifestyle, assets, income, etc.). This is mainly done by developing predictive models that use anonymised data from previous purchasers of the same products and services, which enable us to determine the offers most likely to be of interest to you;
  • we monitor transactions to identify those which deviate from the normal routine (for example, you receive a large amount deposited into your bank account). We can then contact you and offer you appropriate products and services (for example, suggest an appointment to discuss investment opportunities suited to your profile);
  • we enrich our database with the assistance of external specialised companies;
  • we improve the usability of the tools and channels of communication we offer you by automatically filling in some data that we already hold (first name, surname, address, etc.) and by then asking you to confirm them;
  • we listen to the signals you give us indirectly about a particular service or product, for example when you take part in a competition or an event linked to a given service or product (for example, Batibouw trade show and your interest in a mortgage loan);
  • we contact you if you carry out a simulation on our website (for example, for a loan to purchase a vehicle);
  • we will send you personalised information following the processing of data described above.