Access to your personal data is only granted to people who need it in order to perform their mission. They are required to apply strict professional discretion and must comply with all the technical instructions foreseen to ensure the confidentiality of personal data.


We have set up technical processes and specialised teams who are dedicated to the protection of your personal data. By so doing, we want to prevent any unauthorised person from gaining access to, processing, altering or deleting said data.


Here is some advice on how to keep your data secure:

  • Try to always use the most recent version you can of the operating system on your computer. Change it before the provider stops issuing updates and supporting a given operating system.
  • Take care to always apply all the (security) updates for your operating system. You can also automate this procedure.
  • Always use the most recent version of your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.). Here as well, always make sure you install the security updates.
  • Make sure that a firewall is activated on your computer to keep a constant check on incoming and outgoing information flows.
  • Install a quality antivirus program on your computer. Viruses can seriously damage your computer. Moreover, they can compromise the security of your PC banking. Make sure you keep your antivirus up to date at all times, preferably each time you log in.
  • Do not give viruses any chance of getting onto your computer. When buying on-line, only visit the websites of well-known and reputable vendors. Avoid websites or networks that illegally distribute programs, music, films, etc.
  • Remember to regularly carry out a full scan of your computer with a fully up-to-date antivirus program.
  • Secure your wireless (Wi-Fi) connection, preferably using a WPA2 key.
  • Set up  your keyboard to lock automatically if your device remains inactive for more than a few seconds, and set a PIN number to then unlock it. Do not use obvious words or numbers, and create a good mixture of numbers and letters
  • Never leave your device unattended.



Our websites may sometimes contain links to third-party websites (social media, organisers of events that we are sponsoring, etc.) whose conditions of use fall outside the scope of this privacy notice. We therefore recommend that you read their privacy notice carefully, to find out how they protect your privacy.