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Tax break

Savings accounts offer individuals a considerable tax break as part of the interest is exempt from withholding tax.
For 2015, the amount of interest exempt from withholding tax is EUR 1,880 per taxpayer for individuals resident in Belgium.
Double this amount applies for married or legally cohabiting couples opening a joint savings account.


The interest is made up of:



Calculation of interest

The value date is the date from which a deposit starts or stops accruing interest. A deposit accrues interest from the calendar day following the date of the deposit at the latest and stops accruing interest on the day of withdrawal.

Repayments are allocated to amounts for which the period qualifying for a bonus is least advanced.

Account transactions*

By law, the savings account cannot be used as a current account. But you can still carry out many transactions:

* The regulated savings account is the fruit of the authorities' wish to encourage private individuals to save, by granting them a favourable tax system. The savings account must therefore meet certain well-defined standards of usage and interest calculation, established by Royal Decree.