Who provides the independent supervision of the selection procedure?

The selection procedure is supervised by an independent and international committee of experts.


An independent committee of international experts meets every quarter to discuss the following matters with the fund managers:

  • The strategy that has been pursued;
  • New ideas and opportunities;
  • Additional information about companies, etc.


Once a year, the committee issues a report on its findings and makes recommendations to the board of directors of the undertakings for collective investment (UCIs) for which they are responsible. The committee's findings and recommendations are also incorporated in the sub-fund's annual report. NB: not all the sustainable sub-funds promoted by BNP Paribas Fortis fall under the supervision of the committee of international experts.


This is the case, for example, with:


Composition of the committee on 1 January 2010

Karl-Henrik Robert (chairman)

This internationally renowned cancer specialist is the founder of ‘The Natural Step' – an international NGO based in Sweden devoted to the pursuit of scientific consensus as the basis for a structural approach to social, ecological and economic sustainability. In that capacity, The Natural Step advises partners like Home Depot, Nike, Interface, Mitsubishi Electric USA, Ikea and MacDonald's.
Professor Robert has been presented with the ‘Green Cross Award' for international leadership and the ‘Blue Planet Prize' – the ‘Nobel Prize' for ecological sustainability.


Raymond Van Ermen

Executive Director of ‘European Partners for the Environment' in Belgium.
He is currently heading the ‘Eco Innovation' programme, the key project of which is a European alliance for enhanced efficiency. This public/private platform campaigns for green investment and a supply cycle geared towards sustainable trade and innovation.


Dr. Maritta Koch-Weser
Director of the German-based ‘Global Exchange for Social Investment'.
Dr. Marita Koch-Weser spent 20 years working for the World Bank. During her many international missions, she grew convinced of the need for a structural and global approach to sustainability in economic relations. In the process, she became a fervent champion of mixed public and private initiatives in this area. She is also the founder and chair of Earth3000 – an international study and pressure group headquartered in Germany, the primary focus of which is on supporting national and local authorities in their pursuit of sustainable development in which economics and ecology are reconciled.


Robert Rubinstein
Founder and director of Brooklyn Bridge (USA) and knowledge-broker specialising in the European SRI-market. He advises institutions and companies on the continuous process of change from old to new economies. His many international posts include that of chairman of the jury of the King Baudouin Foundation's Swift Prize.


Cyril Lin

Founder and managing director of IFG Development Initiatives (IFGDI) – an economic consultancy for large enterprises, which specialises in economies in transition and emerging market economies. IFGDI is linked to IFG Capital, an investment company that focuses primarily on mezzanine funding and other forms of corporate finance. Cyril Lin lectured in economics at Oxford University from 1981 to 2000, where he was also director of the Centre for Modern Chinese Studies and a member of the economics working group of St Antony's College.

Who provides the independent supervision of the selection procedure?