Choosing the right funds

Via its 5-step plan, BNP Paribas Fortis makes a tailor-made investment approach available to you.


With the first 4 stages cleared, the time comes for you to approach the construction of a successful investment portfolio, perfectly suited to your requirements and investor profile. The replies to a few key questions will establish the basis for your selection of funds from among the many possibilities on offer.

Do you want to delegate the management of your portfolio?

Managing an investment portfolio requires considerable time plus both good knowledge and certain experience of finance, permanent monitoring of markets, constantly updated information and a sense of initiative, not to mention a healthy dose of composure. If you prefer to leave this task to experienced and better equipped specialists, choose our strategic funds without fail. They form the solid foundations of any portfolio.

Do you prefer to determine your investment strategy yourself?

Having set up the basis of your portfolio, preferably via a strategic fund matching your investor profile, you can adapt its composition to the strategic priorities you choose for it. To put each of your strategic decisions into practice, you will choose the best suited fund from among the different asset categories that generally make up a well-diversified portfolio: shares, bonds and alternative investments.

How do you position yourself regarding risk?

Ensure your overall portfolio composition always reflects your investor profile.

However, do not jump to any hasty conclusions: for instance, shares are not categorically ruled out for you just for being a conservative or defensive investor. There are various packages that allow you to target the potential of equities while also controlling the accompanying risk. Moreover, your portfolio may allow for a small allocation to a fund that does not completely match your investor profile, provided that it does not affect your portfolio's overall risk profile.


Within each fund category, your fund selection will depend on your personal risk approach and objectives:

  • controlling risk via funds ensuring protection of all the initial capital invested (less fees) at maturity;
  • risk control via specific investment strategies or return mechanisms;
  • risk control via optimal diversification;
  • the desire to give your portfolio specific characteristics to take advantage of market trends.

Would you like to contribute to a better world through your investments?

Is contributing to a better world through your investments also an idea that is close to your heart? In this case, before selecting the funds in order to establish the basis of your portfolio or put your strategic options into practice, first consider the socially responsible or sustainable funds on offer to you. They make no concessions on returns but give you the certainty of investing in companies meeting specific environmental and social criteria or contributing to sustainable development via the products and services they offer.


Interested in a net asset approach for your portfolio?

Invest in a "branch 23" life insurance policy: Easy Fund Plan, an AG Insurance life insurance policy, enables you to combine the prospect of a large long-term return with well-organised succession planning.

Choosing the right funds


Are you investing for a business?

Please note that this type of investment product could impact on your company's taxation. Please contact your branch for further details.