Assistance abroad



Protect your (holiday) home: household insurance

A storm can blow up at any time, even during the holidays. If a fallen tree or a hailstorm is a nuisance when you're at home, how much more of an impact might they have when you're away? That's when you can rely on your household insurance:

    • comprehensive cover for all kinds of damage to your home
    • assistance for friends or relatives you've asked to keep an eye on your house
    • cover for damage caused to your holiday home.


Protect your car
What if your car breaks down? It could spoil your holiday. And the consequences of an accident don't even bear thinking about. Thanks to your Europ Assistance insurance, you can avoid your holiday turning into a complete disaster if something unpleasant happens:
    • we'll keep you on the road, wherever you are in the world
    • an assistance service is always on hand if you break down
    • you can take advantage of additional assistance in the event of an accident.


Do you have BNP Paribas Fortis Motor insurance? If so, our Top Assistance (person and vehicle) cover offers you a reliable alternative at a very competitive price.