From the Belgian to the European direct debit

The Act transposing the European Payment Services Directive was published in the Belgian Official Gazette in January 2010. This means that the Belgian direct debit system (DOM80) now complies with European standards.

In February 2012, the European Parliament set 1 February 2014 as the end date for the switchover from the Belgian domestic direct debit (DOM80) system to the SEPA direct debit mechanism. From that moment on, only the European direct debit may be used.

The new European direct debit mandate has been available since the end of 2009. You can therefore take advantage of the benefits and options available under the new system straightaway.


Although the domestic system will still exist until 1 February 2014 and all existing contracts will therefore continue to run, it is still advisable to switch over to the European system as soon as possible for new mandates. Remember that your account will be credited more quickly.


In the European system, banks will no longer be responsible for managing direct debit mandates. From 2010, you have been able to ask for existing mandates to be transferred to you. Your national direct debit mandates are automatically converted into European mandates. Belgian banks are tackling the task of conversion with the help of the National Bank.


What does this mean in practice? It is simple. We look after the convertion o all your DOM80 mandates into European mandates. Just ask and it will all be done in a few days!


We are doing everything we can to make the new European direct debit a high-quality product that is as efficient and practical as the Belgian system.



From Dom80 to the SEPA Direct Debit (pdf)

From the Belgian to the European direct debit


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