Service guarantees

What determines how satisfied a customer is with their bank? High-quality products, of course. But also the bank's commitment to offering its customers the best possible service, every day. You can count on us. We have even translated this philosophy into a set of service guarantees.


If we fail to deliver the service we promised or deliver it after we said we would, you'll be entitled to a set amount of financial compensation. And of course, you can still count on our delivering on the pledges we've made.

When will you receive your compensation?

Tell us if we've failed to meet one of our service guarantees as soon as you notice it. If you're right, you'll receive your compensation quickly without any quibbling.


The 8 service guarantees

Service guarantee 1

Funds available immediately for private financing

Your compensation: EUR 5  

Service guarantee 2

Repairs in kind organised by TeleClaims(*) within 48 hours.

Your compensation: EUR 200  

Service guarantee 3

American Express card lost or stolen? We'll have a replacement card with you within 48 hours. In Belgium or abroad.

Your compensation: EUR 5

Service guarantee 4

The latest summary of your custody account will be available immediately in any branch, Private Banking Centre or via PC banking (during a PC banking session).

Your compensation: EUR 5

Service guarantee 5

Domestic transfers between BNP Paribas Fortis accounts: funds will be available in the recipient's account the same day.


  • Transfers must be made via Self banking, Phone banking or PC banking before 5pm.
  • There must be sufficient funds in the account from which you are making the transfer.

Your compensation: EUR 5

Service guarantee 6

TeleClaims is available 24/7.

Your compensation: EUR 5

Service guarantee 7

When you take out a motor insurance, Top Home or Top Family policy, your policy will be issued in there and then.
If a decision from head office is required, AG Insurance guarantees a response to within two bank business days.

Your compensation: EUR 5

Service guarantee 8

Link the "tax adjustment" plan to your pension savings scheme (banking or insurance product) and we guarantee that the new maximum index-linked amount of the current account shown will be withdrawn each year and invested in your pension savings scheme Pension Invest Plan.

Your compensation: EUR 5


We're looking at new Service Guarantees all the time. In fact, we constantly assess our range of products and services to ensure customer satisfaction and build the best possible relationships with them.


(*)TeleClaims is our central claims settlement service. Do you have motor, home or family insurance with AG Insurance? Call us on 0800 960 40 if you need to make a claim. You'll get immediate practical help and assistance and your claim will be processed directly. TeleClaims is at your service 24/7.

Service guarantees