European credit transfer

The European transfer has the following features:

  • Payments throughout SEPA (including between two accounts in Belgium);
  • Uniform account structure: uniform account identification based on an IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and a BIC (Bank Identifier Code). The IBAN-BIC combination will replace the Belgian account number (with a 3-7-2 structure), including for transfers within Belgium;
  • The recipient's account is credited within three (bank) business days at most. For transfers where the recipient lives in Belgium, their account will continue to be credited within one day;
  • The transaction amount is paid in full; fees are charged separately.


European transfers must meet all the following conditions:

  • Be a transfer in euros;
  • Be between two accounts held in SEPA countries;
  • Cite an IBAN;
  • Cite the BIC (Bank Identifier Code – also called SWIFT address) of the payee's bank;
  • Cite the payee's name; and
  • Have shared fees; i.e. the payor only pays for charges incurred in Belgium.

  • There is no ceiling on the amount.


Belgian payment systems enjoy a worldwide reputation in terms of security and user-friendliness. This is why Belgian banks have taken a number of additional steps to maintain their high quality and support the switchover to the SEPA. The main measures are:

  • Maintaining a maximum period of one day between debit and credit for domestic payments.
  • Maintenance of structured communication.
  • During a transitional phase, the existing transfer forms can still be used alongside the new European version. This began in 2009 and will last for several years.
  • A new European paper transfer document has been developed in Belgium for the SEPA.


 For example:

European transfer


The European transfer has been available since 28 January 2008.