European direct debit

Make paying your bills easier (electricity, water, telephone, etc.) by opting for automatic payment to your suppliers using the European direct debit.


European direct debit (SEPA Direct Debit or SDD)

The direct debit allows you to automatically pay your bills, for example water, gas, telephone, etc. The amount due is debited from your account at the intervals of your choice.


As a customer you authorise, also known as giving a mandate to, your supplier to withdraw the amount of the bills from your account. This constitutes a contract which binds you to your supplier. If you would like to subscribe to a direct debit for a bill, you should get in touch with your supplier.


Practical questions regarding your European direct debits

  • What if you still have a national direct debit?

In this case, you do nothing. Your supplier will take over the management of your direct debit at your bank.

  • What if you want to cancel a European direct debit?

If you signed a mandate with a supplier, you must get in touch with that supplier to terminate your direct debit contract.

  • What if you want to block a direct debit?

You can block a direct debit according to defined criteria such as certain suppliers, certain countries, etc.


For more information, see our product guide (pdf, FR).


Changes with regard to the Belgian direct debit (DOM80)

Previously, direct debits were only possible within Belgium. In 2009, Europe introduced SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area), the unique euro payment area through which a Belgian customer can also set up a European direct debit.


With the European direct debit, suppliers are responsible for establishing, managing and recording the direct debit orders. In contrast, national direct debits were managed by the debtor's bank.


As of February 2014, there will only be European direct debits (valid for direct debits with both Belgian and European suppliers). 'National' direct debits will disappear.


Better protection of the debtor

Since 1 April 2010, the date on which the European Payment Services Directive (PSD) came into force, debtors have benefited from certain additional rights. You can now refuse a payment order and contest a collection through a clear procedure.


Find out about this increased protection in our product guide (pdf, FR) or via this link.

The direct debit mandate at a glance