SEPA stands for "Single Euro Payments Area". Europe is creating a single payment area to benefit both private individuals and businesses. Find out all about SEPA in the following files.


SEPA at a glance

What is SEPA? What will the consequences be for users in SEPA countries? And which countries are part of the area?

All about SEPA


European direct debit

The European direct debit

The European direct debit will soon replace the current direct debit system.

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Payments by payment card

Pay securely, easily and in the same way wherever you are. That's the aim of the SEPA directive for payment by payment cards.

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History of SEPA

When did Europe decide to harmonise cross-border payments? What are the responsibilities of the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the European banking sector? Everything you ever wanted to know.

History of SEPA

Behind the scenes of SEPA

European transfers

The European transfer is a new payment mechanism that will replace current transfers in euro.

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Useful links

The Internet is full of information on SEPA. Here's a summary.

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SEPA for businesses

The introduction of SEPA has consequences for businesses. It will now be possible to make payments from and into an account at a bank anywhere in Europe.

Find out more about the consequences for businesses