Making payments abroad

Shopping at a Missouri drive-in? Buying a leather jacket in Istanbul? Paying for your bus ticket in London? When it comes to deciding the best way to pay, we think you should keep your options open.


You can use your the bank card to pay securely at millions of retail outlets worldwide or to withdraw cash from any of the countless ATMs out there.
Be aware, however, that for reasons of security, you can only use your card as standard inside Europe. If you plan to travel outside Europe, you should check with your branch or with Customer Service before you set off.


Your bank offers a full range of Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards. What's the advantage to you? The reassurance of knowing your payments are secure, access to ATMs and a simpler way of managing your budget.


You benefit from convenient payment, access to ATMs for cash withdrawals and easy budget management.


In some countries, a stock of local banknotes is essential when travelling around or to pay your first expenses on arrival. Your branch can supply you with the most widely requested foreign currencies. Contact your branch in good time to place your order (a phone call will do), because banknotes in some foreign currencies aren't immediately available.

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Making payments abroad