The safety of internet banking transactions


The safety of your internet banking transactions is not just your bank's business… it is yours too


Internet banking is becoming more and more appealing: in 2010, Belgian banks processed over 7 million applications for online banking, and over saw 430 million logins. The popularity of this technology has not passed cyber-criminals by. That's why Febelfin, the Belgian federation for the financial sector, has chosen to raise awareness among users by launching a site specifically devoted to combating fraud: www.safeinternetbanking.be.


Preventive and… curative


This site advocates prevention:

  • by explaining how the various fraud techniques work (phishing, malware, mules, etc.) and;
  • reminding users how they can contribute to the safety of their online payments by following a few simple rules.


However, this site is also a very useful tool if you should fall victim to fraud:

  • What is the procedure to follow in respect of your bank?
  • How can you notify the Federal Computer Crime Unit, the Federal Police department specialising in cyber crime, of your fraud?
  • What should you do if you lose your authentication module?


To access the Febelfin site, click here: www.safeinternetbanking.be.