Bank card

Electronic payment: who can now do without it? But your bank card also offers many other advantages:

What is a bank card?

The bank card enables you to pay for purchases and withdraw cash from ATMs both in Belgium and abroad. For security reasons, however, the card can only be used as standard within Europe. If you want to use it outside Europe, you need to request that in advance. Quickly pay for small purchases with Proton – the ‘digital wallet' on your card.


  • Trouble-free payments in Belgium and anywhere in Europe (on request also outside Europe).
  • Cash withdrawals in Belgium and all of Europe (on request also outside Europe).
  • Access to the numerous functions of our Self banking terminals.
  • A replacement card provided immediately if your card is lost, stolen, etc.


Countries where the card is accepted


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From our ATMs


In need of cash? No problem. Your card gives you access to all our cash dispensers in Belgium. These distributors are located:

  • in the lobby inside our branches (accessible during branch opening hours);
  • in the Self terminal space in our branches (accessible daily from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.);
  • on the walls outside our branches (always accessible);
  • in popular locations, such as stations, shopping malls, theme parks, etc. You can recognise them from our logo.


From other ATMs

Your card allows you to withdraw cash from:

  • ATMs in Belgium located on the outside walls or the Self terminal spaces of other banks and in popular locations;
  • ATMs in other European countries.


You can recognise these ATMs from their logos: Bancontact/Mister Cash, Maestro, Cirrus or Eufiserv.

Your bank card allows you to pay for your purchases in Belgium and the rest of Europe at merchants displaying Bancontact/Mister Cash or Maestro logo.

To pay, you just enter your PIN or sign a voucher, depending on the terminal used.

Use of our bank cards is basically restricted to Europe. Do you want to be able to pay for purchases and withdraw cash in a country where your card is not accepted as standard? Then you need to temporarily activate your card's Maestro function for use outside Europe. You can request activation:

  • online. Requirements: you need a PC banking contract and your bank card must be valid for at least another three months.

Request now (NL)

Request now (FR)


Find out more about using Maestro outside Europe.

You can use your bank card to pay for your Internet purchases from Belgian retailers. There is just one condition: the retailer must accept Bancontact/Mister Cash or Maestro as a means of Internet payment. 3D-Secure and your security module (Digipass or card reader) ensure that your Internet shopping payments are secure. (View the demo).

You can recharge your Pay&Go, Tempo or BASE call credit at certain Bancontact/ Mister Cash ATMs and our Self terminals via Mobile Reload.

Proton is an electronic wallet that you can use in Belgium to pay small amounts in no time at all. Proton is incorporated into all of our bank cards.


Topping up…

You can top up your Proton electronic wallet at:

  • a Self terminal;
  • a Bancontact/Mister Cash ATM;
  • a Belgacom public telephone booth displaying the Proton logo;
  • Proton terminals in post offices.


To do so, you need your PIN and bank card. The minimum top-up amount is EUR 5 and the maximum is EUR 125. The top up amount is immediately available and automatically debited from your current account.


…and paying!

You can begin paying as soon as you have topped up your Proton electronic wallet. Just press “OK”. Each time you pay, the Proton balance on your card is reduced by the amount just paid.

Your bank card gives you access to the ATMs installed in our branches where you can carry out the following transactions securely:

  • withdraw cash;  
  • top up your Proton electronic wallet;
  • print your account statements;  
  • make a credit transfer (including European transfers);  
  • subscribe to 1-2-ring to be able to top up your Proximus Pay&Go card from your mobile phone, wherever you are;
  • use Mobile Reload to top up your Base, Mobistar or Proximus prepaid card at a BNP Paribas Fortis Self terminal;
  • check your account balances;
  • pay money into your BNP Paribas Fortis current and savings accounts (at ATMs equipped with the Cash Deposit function).
  • register for the i-message service so you can check your balance via your mobile phone.

Security advice bank card

Your bank card is strictly personal. Make sure you follow these handy tips:

  • Always keep your bank card with you or in a safe place.
  • As soon as you receive your bank card, sign it on the back straightaway to avoid a potential thief doing it for you.
  • Keep your PIN secret: never share it with someone else, do not write it down anywhere and cover the keypad whenever you enter it. You can change the PIN for your bank card to a number that is easy for you to remember. You can do this at any ATM in Belgium. Never choose a PIN that might be obvious, such as part of your date of birth or four identical or consecutive numbers.
  • Destroy any cards you no longer need or which have expired. First check that your Proton balance is zero.
  • Keep your receipts as proof of your cash withdrawals and payments. Check your payments and card statements regularly using PC banking. If you notice something wrong, contact your bank immediately.
  • Keep an eye on your card when you pay for something in a shop.
  • Make sure you retrieve your card when you have finished paying.
  • What if your card is swallowed by a cash dispenser? Get it blocked as soon as possible.
  • Always check the amount and currency on the screen, document or slip before you confirm the transaction. Never confirm the transaction if you think the price is incorrect.


  • Call Card Stop immediately on +32 (0)70 344 344 to prevent any fraud. Card Stop can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Report the loss or theft of your card to the police within 24 hours.
  • Your branch or the Phone banking service (tel. +32 (0)2 261 11 11) can replace your card immediately.
  • Any BNP Paribas Fortis branch can issue you with a temporary card while you wait for your actual card.
  • Your new card will be sent to your address or can be collected at your BNP Paribas Fortis branch. In that case you will be notified when your new card is ready for collection. This usually takes five bank business days.

For security reasons, standard maximum amounts have been set for cash withdrawals and payments with your bank card:



If you are 18 years or older

If you are younger than 18

Cash withdrawal at an ATM (including topping up Proton)

Per day: EUR 625

Per 7 days: EUR 1,250

Per day: EUR 125

Per 7 days: EUR 250

Payment at retailers

Per 7 days: EUR 2,500

Per 7 days: EUR 250


If you wish, you can adjust these standard limits. A sound tip: only increase your permanent spending limits if you regularly need higher amounts. This way you will limit the damage of improper use of your card in case of loss or theft.


If you only need a higher amount in exceptional cases – for instance to buy new furniture or to book a family holiday – you can also temporarily increase your spending limit for a maximum of 7 days.


Useful information:

  • The temporary limit of up to EUR 15,000 for cash withdrawals is only valid at BNP Paribas Fortis ATMs.
  • You can change the spending limits of your card at your BNP Paribas Fortis branch. If you are younger than 18 you will need the consent of your legal representative.
  • The spending limits only apply if the available balance on your current account is sufficient at the time of the transaction.


Consult the summary of spending limits (pdf) which are set as standard.

If you have a Service Pack or an Easy Pack, various services are already included free of charge. Consult the spending limits (pdf) for further details.


With the Maestro function on your bank card, you can make payments or withdraw cash at any store or cash dispenser displaying the Maestro logo.


Depending on the payment terminal, you pay by entering your PIN (the same as in Belgium) or signing your name.

You can use our ATM locator to find a cash dispenser quickly.


Internet payments

You can also use Maestro for secure payments on the Internet. You can use your card with a card reader or PC banking and Digipass on all shopping sites displaying the Maestro logo.

Visit for a list of websites where you can make secure payments via Maestro.


Watch the online Maestro demonstration.


Maximum amounts

You need to keep track of the amount available in your account and your spending limits (pdf, FR) for payments and withdrawals.

Limits include transactions made using Bancontact/Mister Cash, Maestro, Proton and mobile top-ups made using an ATM.

The amounts shown below are the standard limits. You can always ask for these to be reduced. The maximum spending limit per account per week is EUR 3,750.


In-store payments

Per transaction:EUR 2.500
Per day:EUR 2.500
Per 7-day period:EUR 2.500

Cash withdrawals

Per transaction:EUR 625(*)
Per day:EUR 625(*)
Per 7-day period:EUR 1.250(*)



(*)Other banks (in Belgium and abroad) may apply other limits.


Demo Maestro

Watch the film for more information.






Give a personal touch to your card General terms and conditions valid from 1/03/2014 (pdf)

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