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What is Visa Classic?

Visa Classic is a credit card with a default spending limit of EUR 2,500. Whenever you make a purchase or withdraw money with Visa Classic, theamount doesn't leave your account straight away, but on a fixed date every month. The card is accepted by millions of outlets worldwide and on the internet. 

Advantages of this credit card

Visa Classic is accepted in millions of shops, hotels, restaurants, etc., worldwide and on the internet. You can also withdraw money anywhere in the world at any ATM displaying the Visa logo.

All your payments and cash withdrawals with your credit card are balanced on one fixed day in the month. The amount will not be debited from your account until nine calendar days later. This will give you deferred payment terms free of charge.

Every month, your credit card spending will leave your account in one go as standard. Would you prefer to repay at your own pace? Then find out about the 'spread repayments' credit facility in branch.

Every month you will receive a clear statement of all the transactions you have made with Visa Classic. In addition you can keep an eye on your credit card transactions on a daily basis via PC banking.

Enjoy the wide range of exclusive discounts and special offers available at, or the coupons that are easy to save with Epargnez/cueillez/Spaar&Pluk. Please guard against excessive use.


Find out more about Visa Classic

For every payment or cash withdrawal of EUR 25 or more - anywhere in the world - you will get one Épargnez&Cueillez point. Once you've saved five points you will be sent a voucher for EUR 5. That way, you will quickly earn back the cost of your credit card... and more besides.

With Visa Classic you can spend up to EUR 2,500 per month, as standard, giving you more financial freedom. If you would prefer a lower spending limit, that can always be arranged. You can talk to your branch about getting your limit amended temporarily or even permanently.

The majority of credit card fraud takes place in the United States. For that reason, our credit cards are deactivated from use in the US, by default. Are you going to the States soon? Then think about getting your card temporarily enabled for the US.



Are you traveling to the US? Limitations concerning your credit card.


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  • Visa Classic costs EUR 22 per annum as standard.
  • If you have a Premium Pack, the card is included in your monthly fee. If you have a Comfort Pack, one card is included in your monthly fee, additional cards cost 1.83 euro per month.
  • Payments (in euros) with your credit card are free, cash withdrawals from ATMs are not. All transactions in foreign currency will incur exchange rate charges. You will find all the details in our list of rates and charges (pdf).

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Legal information

Visa Classic:

This offer is valid subject to acceptance of your application.


Type of credit: credit facility. Subject to the approval of your application by AlphaCredit SA/NV, the lender, Rue Ravenstein/Ravensteinstraat 60, B-1000 Brussels, Brussels Register of Companies, VAT BE 0445.781.316, a subsidiary of BNP Paribas Fortis SA/NV. Credit agent: BNP Paribas Fortis SA/NV, Montagne du Parc/Warandeberg 3, B-1000 Brussels, Brussels Register of Companies, VAT BE0403.199.702.

General Terms and Conditions (pdf)General Terms and Conditions for 'spread repayments' credit facility (pdf)

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