Pro Pack

This total formula has a current account, card and PC banking Pro. Pro Pack

What is Pro Pack?

Pro Pack is the complete package for professionals. Pro Pack includes an account with management fees, a bank card, a PC banking Pro subscription and account insurance (for natural persons only). The package can be expanded with extras such as a credit card or several users.

Advantages of this current account

Pro Pack is a very complete package. The quarterly fee also covers the use of a bank card. Thanks to Pro Pack you also get a free PC banking Pro subscription to manage your banking online. Natural persons also receive free account insurance.

Transferring money, checking your balance, sending files to accounting, printing account statements, etc. These are just a few of PC banking Pro's possibilities included in the Pro Pack.

Pro Pack holders only pay half the normal price for a Visa Business Blue credit card (subject to acceptance). Visa Business Blue allows you to arrange all your domestic and international payments securely.

Pro Pack grows with your company. With Pro Pack Multi you can request up to 5 bank cards and 5 PC banking Pro contracts without any additional cost. You can also request up to 5 Visa Business Blue credit cards at half price.


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