Pro Current Account

Better meet your needs with a Pro Current Account Pro Current Account

What is a Pro Current Account?

The Pro Current Account is a current account for professionals who want a separate account and flexible banking services for their business cash flows. It has a modular structure: the holder of a Pro Current Account only chooses and pays for the services he or she will actually use.

Advantages of this current account

The Pro Current Account is an entry account with a very attractive basic price .You do not pay anything for services that are not or hardly used. This current account allows you to select the banking services you want to use and you only pay extra for the extra services you choose, such as a debit card.

The Pro Current Account is ideal for professionals with a limited number of banking transactions who want to separate their private and business cash flows.

If your payment needs become more complex in the future, you can very easily switch to a Pro Pack, so you will always have a perfectly equipped current account.




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