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Mobile banking anywhere thanks to our Easy banking app on your smartphone and/or tablet Easy banking

What is Easy banking?

Easy banking is an additional service to PC banking.

Manage your accounts and cards with Easy banking in full security. You can conduct any number of transactions, wherever and whenever you want. Easy banking is available as an app for smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android and Windows).

Learn more about Easy Banking


Learn more about Easy Banking


Benefits of this mobile application

Need to make an urgent transfer while you're on the train? Need to check while on holiday whether your salary has been paid in yet? Just want to check your credit card balance quickly? With Easy banking, you have constant access to your accounts, at all times, wherever you are.

Easy banking is clear and easy to navigate, thanks to its:

  • convenient icons,
  • quick search function,
  • attractive layout, tailored to the screen of your smartphone or tablet.


Easy banking was developed for iOS devices with iOS version 7.1 or higher and for Android devices with version OS 4.1 or higher.


Use Easy banking to manage your transactions in three easy stages:

  • Step 1 : download the Easy banking application for free at Google Play (Android) or from the App Store (iPad or iPhone).
  • Step 2 : Activate the app. Follow the instructions in the app.
  • Step 3 : Choose your password:follow the instructions in the app and start straight away!

Read more about Easy banking security.

More details about Easy banking

Always have your bank at hand.

With Easy banking, you'll always have your bank with you on your smartphone or tablet. The app includes all the functions you need for your daily banking requirements, the most important being:

  • checking the balance on your current and savings accounts;
  • quickly finding transactions over the past 6 months;
  • making transfers;
  • paying invoices you receive via Zoomit;
  • viewing your credit card expenditure;
  • see a general or detailed view of your investment portfolio (balance of your investments, composition of your custody account, future pension savings payments, and details of your investment insurance policies, etc.);
  • viewing your statements;
  • purchasing banking products in the Easy banking e-shop;
  • managing your transfers on a specified date, and your standing orders;
  • managing your beneficiaries;
  • managing your SEPA direct debit;

Consult the FAQ's about Easy banking.

For technical assistance, call 02 433 41 90 (available Mon-Fri, 7 am to 10 pm; and Saturdays, 9 am to 5 pm).

Contact the Helpdesk on +32 (0)2 433 41 90. They'll be happy to help you.


Easy banking Easy banking for iPad

Easy banking Easy banking for iPhone

Easy banking Easy banking for Android

Easy banking Easy banking for Windows


Getting started with Easy banking


Getting started with Easy banking



  • Easy banking is available at no extra cost for all customers aged 18 or over who have a PC banking contract. Download the free app.

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