Prepare for your pension well in advance

What are your retirement plans? Travel? Free time to spend with your grandchildren? Take up a new hobby? Your retirement will allow you to do everything you always dreamed of, provided that you have the means.


There are four pillars to your pension at present. For a comfortable retirement, you need to exploit all four to the full.

  • Pillar 1: the State pension
  • Pillar 2: your occupational supplementary pension
  • Pillar 3: your personal supplementary pension with a tax break
  • Pillar 4: your personal supplementary pension without a tax break



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You are entitled to your State pension if you work as an employee or civil servant or are self-employed. But the amount of that pension is modest. The aging population also means that it is under incredible strain.


Our pay-as-you-go scheme means that nobody saves for their own pension. The amounts deducted from your salary serve to pay existing pensions. Your own pension is therefore dependent on the next generations.


This means that building up a supplementary pension is essential.

Are you an employee or self-employed? You can put part of your income towards your pension. You can invest this money in a special savings scheme over your working life. Your efforts will be rewarded with an attractive additional lump sum on retirement. You can also take advantage of tax breaks.



There are four types of pension in Pillar 2:


Want to put more into your savings than just your occupational pension? You are free to do so; you can even take advantage of tax breaks since your premiums can be deducted from your tax bill.


You can save EUR 940 a year (until 2017) with pension savings combined with a tax break. Find out about our Pension Invest Plan and Fortis B Pension Fund.


If you opt for long-term savings with a tax break, the ceiling is EUR 2,260 (until 2017) per tax payer. However, this ceiling also encompasses your home loan and life assurance policy.

Find out about our Pension Invest Plan.


Looking to save more in addition to the other three pillars? There are various packages available, but without tax breaks. While it is true that you cannot deduct the premiums from your tax bill, they do mean that you can give yourself an even more comfortable retirement.


Our Planning for Pension savings package gives you exactly what your are looking for: a wide range of investments to prepare for your retirement. Opt for a defensive or dynamic plan.



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