PC banking Pro

Manage your accounts quickly and securely at any time of day. Your virtual branch never closes.

What is PC banking Pro?

PC banking Pro is your personal branch, open for business day and night. Do all your personal and business banking transactions from your PC over a secure Internet connection: your payments, investments, savings and so on. Ideal for private individuals and professionals.


  • Anywhere, at any time: access your account wherever and whenever you want.
  • Fast: manage your financial flows, direct debits and those of your customers, check your private and business loans, etc., at top speed.
  • Added options for professionals.
    • Give your employees the authority to enter and make payments up to a maximum amount. 
    • Open business accounts: custody accounts, fixed-term deposit accounts, etc., but also escrow accounts (for notaries) and client accounts (for lawyers).
    • Manage your European direct-debit instructions (creditor)
    • Check your private and business loans and credit cards.
  • Cheaper transactions: thanks to free credit transfers and attractive discounts on stock market orders.
  • Free subscription for holders of a Pro Pack Account. 

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With PC banking Pro, you can do all your banking transactions from your PC and not just basic transactions. Look at the key options.


  • Accounts and cards: check your Current and Savings Accounts, make European and international transfers, manage your fixed-date credit transfers, monitor your business credit card spending, open and close accounts, etc. You can even print your account statements. (full list)
  • Save and invest: manage your investment portfolio (Custody Accounts, Fixed-Term Deposit Accounts, etc.), enter your stock-market orders, subscribe to investment funds and bank savings certificates, etc. You can also calculate the income you will have when you retire. (full list)
  • Borrowing: get full details of your loans, your Bonifisc tax facility, bank guarantees, Staight Loans, etc. Simulate a loan and then apply on line for your business loans (Bonifisc tax facility, for example)  (full list)
  • Take out insurance: check your insurance details, simulate a new policy and apply for it on line, etc. (full list)  
  • Through My bank: exchange secure messages with BNP Paribas Fortis, , manage your customer data and settings in PC banking. (full list)

Do you have a business account? The possibilities offered by PC banking have now increased yet further.

  • Save your transfers in your envelope and later forward it to your bank for execution.
  • Ask for a history of your accounts as far back as 1 January 2002.
  • Give your employees authority to make payments up to a maximum amount.
  • Set up and administer escrow accounts (for notaries) and individual client accounts (for lawyers).

The 3 pillars ensuring the security of your Internet banking transactions:

  • A secure connection.
  • You need your bank card, PIN and card reader to be able to access your banking data.
  • Responsible use: never give your PIN to anyone, make sure you are using good anti-virus software and a firewall, regularly update your anti-virus protection.

You can use PC banking from almost any modern computer connected to the Internet, whatever the operating system (Windows or Mac OS). Your PC must simply meet certain technical requirements.

Ask in branch for your Comfort Voice card reader: it has large keys, a clear screen and voice help.

Have any questions? We are only too happy to help. Begin by consulting the help function and our FAQs.


You need help? Our helpdesk can answer your questions. On weekdays between 7 am and 10 pm, and on Saturdays between 9 am and 5 pm call 02 228 08 88. You can also send an e-mail to helpdesk@bnpparibasfortis.be.


Your subscription to PC banking Pro costs EUR 2.48 a quarter (before VAT). As a holder of a Pro Pack account, there is nothing to pay.

PC banking Pro leaflet (pdf) PC Banking Pro demo My first PC banking Pro connection (pdf) Card reader user manual (pdf) Digipass user manual (pdf) Comfort Voice voice-mode card reader user manual (pdf) Comfort Voice card reader user manual: large-print manual (pdf) General Terms and Conditions valid from 1/03/2014 (pdf)

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