Overdraft Facility Insurance

What would the consequences be if you were to die in debt because you have used your overdraft facility? Shield your family from financial worries and make sure that this debt would be repaid in full if you were to die prematurely. Get full details.

What is Overdraft Facility Insurance?

If the (joint) holder of the Overdraft Facility dies, the Overdraft Facility Insurance provided by AG Insurance repays the outstanding balance of this facility.


  • Peace of mind: your close family/the joint holder of your overdraft facility will be shielded from financial worries in the event of your premature death.
  • Insurance that is simple to take out: we have simplified the formalities.
  • Premium: there is no premium to pay if you do not use the overdraft facility.


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The maximum payout under the policy in the event of death is:

  • the outstanding balance of the overdraft facility on the date of death;
  • the amount of the overdraft facility granted;
  • EUR 50,000 per insured person and per overdraft facility.

If there is more than one account holder, each holder is free to decide whether or not to take out insurance.

The premium is calculated in the same way as the interest on the overdraft facility, that is to say:

  • there is no premium to pay if the overdraft facility is not used;
  • the insured person will always be properly insured; overinsurance is not possible.


General terms and conditions (pdf, FR)



Overdraft insurance is a product from AG Insurance SA/NV, bd E. Jacqmain/E. Jacqmainlaan 53, B-1000 Brussels, RPM Brussels, VAT BE 0404.494.849, offered by BNP Paribas Fortis SA/NV, Montagne du Parc/Warandeberg 3, B-1000 Brussels, RPM Brussels, VAT BE 0403.199.702, registered and acting as an insurance agent under no. FSMA 25.879 A for AG Insurance SA/NV. This insurance is optional.


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