Temporary Life Insurance with fixed term capital

Protect your family from the consequences of your death. Save to make up for the loss of your income.

What is the Temporary Life Insurance with fixed term capital?

Temporary Life Insurance guarantees your family a lump sum (determined by you) if you die. This means that they are not faced with financial problems due to the sudden loss of your monthly income.


  • Certainty: spare your family financial problems. Your premiums may qualify for an immediate tax break.
  • Tax break: your premiums may qualify for an immediate tax break.




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You are not the only one who benefits from your income. If you die, your family may soon face financial problems. This is only logical: they can no longer rely on your income and cannot therefore repay existing loans or pay ongoing fixed costs. 


Eliminate these financial worries with life insurance. The sum insured will be paid to your next of kin if you die prematurely.

You nominate the beneficiary of your life insurance policy. If you die during the period of cover, we will pay the sum insured to the beneficiary as a lump sum.


You choose this amount at the outset. Of course, you can alter it while the policy is in force.

Your premium is low compared with the sum insured. Especially if you take out insurance when you are young.


Subject to certain conditions, your premiums will also be tax deductible as long-term savings, up to a maximum of EUR 2,260 per annum. You will then be able to claim back 30% (income 2013) of these premiums on your tax return.



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