Target Invest Plan

Looking for a good return on your long-term investment? But unwilling to devote all your energies to the ups and downs of investing? Decide for yourself the return and level of safety that matches your personality.

What is the Target Invest Plan?

The Target Invest Plan is a life-assurance product (a combination of universal life insurance – branch 21 products - and fund-linked insurance - branch 23 products) from AG Insurance that subtly adapts to your needs. Firstly, it protects your capital and gives you the possibility of with-profits bonuses. Secondly, you choose the potential return to be generated through investment funds.


  • Well-balanced: you combine the security of a guaranteed return with the potential for a higher return from investment funds.
  • Made to measure: you chose the balance between security and return.
  • Flexible: you can easily change the balance between security and return at a later stage.
  • Convenient: regular withdrawals are possible at any time.

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  • The Capital Constitution component provides the security of capital protection and a guaranteed return (a branch 21 product). Each payment is pegged to an interest rate guaranteed until maturity. You can therefore be certain of guaranteed capital, which may be boosted by an annual with-profits bonus. The with-profits bonus varies, depending on the economic climate and the results of AG Insurance.
  •  The Capital Plus component linked to investment funds (a branch 23 product) can be added to boost the return. This component is put into investment funds.
    • A one-off payment of EUR 2,500 is enough to start this unique investment.
    • Want to make an additional payment later on? No problem: top-up payments of EUR 1,500 or more can be made.

Each payment is automatically divided between the Capital Constitution and Capital Plus components, depending on the level of protection you have chosen.


An example

If you opt for full cover, you are looking for total capital protection. This means that you want to be sure of having a minimum return at maturity. You can also limit this protection to just part of your initial capital (e.g. 70%, 80% or 90%): you then free up the greater part of your capital for investment in the Capital Plus component and can therefore take advantage of any rising markets.


You can transfer part of your Capital Plus component to the Capital Constitution component (or vice versa) at any time. This gives you the option of either safeguarding your gains or continuing to take advantage of any rising markets. Transfers of this type are free up to twice a year. Remember that withholding tax is payable if you transfer capital from the Capital Constitution component to the Capital Plus component within the first 8 years of the policy.

You have a vast range of investment funds to choose from in the Capital Plus component, ranging from ‘defensive' to ‘very dynamic'. You will undoubtedly find a fund that matches your investor profile.

Want to review your Target Invest Plan investment strategy during its life? You are free to switch from one fund to another within the product range proposed for the Target Invest Plan. This is entirely free up to twice a year. An ideal and flexible way of anticipating financial market trends.

Financial fact sheet on Life Assurance combining universal life (branch 21) and fund-linked insurance (branch 23) policies (pdf, FR)


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