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Smart Fund Plan: new generation ‘class 23'

Are you looking for a potentially higher return and are prepared to tie up your money for a certain period? Call on the specialists.

What is the Smart Fund Plan?

The Smart Fund Plan is an individual life insurance (‘class 23') product offered by AG Insurance and linked to investment funds (FR). It features two protection mechanisms. Based on your investor profile, you choose the basic fund that best combines your expectations in terms of return, the associated investment strategy and your risk appetite. The Smart Fund Plan means that your long-term investment is managed actively and professionally. That way you maximise your potential return and ensure broad diversification.


  • Better risk spread: by investing in an effectively diversified fund, you ensure the best possible risk spread for your portfolio, especially compared to investing in individual shares, bonds, etc.;
  • Two protection mechanisms: the Profit Protector and Loss Limiter, with automatic reinvestment;
  • Management by specialists: you can be sure of an appropriate response to significant market trends, whether they are rising or falling;
  • Tailored: we invest your money in funds that match your risk profile;
  • Security for your loved ones: you are free to choose your beneficiary on death. 


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We only advise you on funds that match your investor profile. You naturally retain control over your assets. You can, for instance, request the full or partial redemption of your capital (subject to certain conditions) at any time.

The Smart Fund Plan links your return objectives to your willingness to take financial risks.

  • The Profit Protector mechanism automatically transfers realised profits above a certain percentage to the more defensive target fund.
  • The Loss Limiter mechanism uses automatic reinvestment to ensure that, when the markets fall by a specific percentage, the entire capital is automatically transferred to the more defensive target fund. Thanks to automatic investment, the assets are gradually reinvested in the basic fund over a 12-month period.


You can find more information on how the protection mechanisms function in the Flash Invest (FR) for the Smart Fund Plan.

Flash Invest (pdf) with all the features of the Smart Fund Plan

Promotional documents for the different AG Life funds:


Management rules for AG Life funds



General terms and conditions (pdf, FR)


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