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Easy Fund Plan

You don't have a short-term need for money and are looking for a potentially high return. Turn to the specialists.

What is the Easy Fund Plan?

The Easy Fund Plan is an investment funds-linked (Branch 23) life assurance policy from AG Insurance.


  • The risk is more evenly spread than with individual investments.
  • Management by specialists: the funds are managed by specialist external managers.
  • Made to measure: we invest your money in funds suited to your risk profile.
  • Tax breaks: you do not pay any withholding tax or other tax at the end of the plan.
  • Security for your loved ones: you are free to choose who benefits in the event of your death.




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 We determine your needs, make a suggestion and it is for you to decide. You can also withdraw the full amount of your investment at any time.

Got a large sum to invest? Opt for the Initial Arrangement package. It gives you a well-diversified long-term portfolio that is available from as little as EUR 2,500.


Prefer to invest little by little? The Growth Package is ideal. It is available from EUR 30 a month.


Top-ups of EUR 360 or more are possible. You can, of course, switch from one package to another as often as you want.

Your investor profile is the key to your choice of investment fund. You can choose between a panoply of funds, from bond funds, through mixed funds to equity funds. All the funds are actively managed by our specialists. And your Easy Fund Plan gives them the possibility of reacting to market trends.


We give our funds a score of 0(low risk) to 6 (highest risk).

Nominate a beneficiary for your Easy Fund Plan who will automatically receive the capital sum on your death. 

Combine your Easy Fund Plan with a gift by delivery and avoid high inheritance tax after your death. This solution allows you to continue to receive the income deriving from the capital gifted. The money is then blocked for your family until you die. This avoids inheritance tax.

General terms and conditions (pdf, FR)


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