Business Invest Plan

Looking for an appropriate investment for your company or non-profit association? Business Invest Plan is the ideal package. 


What is the Business Invest Plan?

The Business Invest Plan is a capital bond (a branch 26 product) from AG Insurance. This product is a safe medium to long-term investment with a fixed interest rate that is designed for companies and non-profit associations. It has the potential for with-profits bonuses.



  • Safe: risk-free; your capital is guaranteed at maturity.
  • Attractive: no tax on the premium; no share deal tax.




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The net premium is invested at an attractive rate applying when the premium is paid. Consequently, the capital is guaranteed at maturity. There is the potential for an annual with-profits bonus to bolster the return at maturity.

A single premium of a minimum of EUR 25,000 is sufficient to take out a Business Invest Plan.


You can choose between a 5 year, 8 year and 1 month and 15 year term.

A Business Invest Plan can be used to guarantee a loan.

The non-profit association “Les Amoureux de la Nature” took out a Business Invest Plan on 2 November 2009, for a single premium of EUR 75,000 and a five-year term. The net premium invested in the Business Invest Plan (after deduction of upfront costs) was EUR 73,500. Capitalised at a rate of 2.5%, the insured sum will therefore generate guaranteed capital of EUR 82,149.31 when it matures on 2 November 2014.


This capital is topped up by annual with-profits bonuses of 1.5%(*) generating a further EUR 6,205.03. The final capital is therefore EUR 88,354.34. 15% withholding tax is payable on the interest and with-profits bonus (i.e. EUR 88,354.34 minus EUR 73,500). In the case of a non-profit association, this tax is a one-off payment (full and final withholding tax).


(*) The projected figures for the with-profits bonus, increases or other amendments to the policy and technical bases are based on hypothetical scenarios and are not guaranteed. These performance figures may vary over time, depending on the economic climate and the insurance company's results.

The figures given in this example are for information only and are not binding on the customer, BNP Paribas Fortis or AG Insurance Belgium. They are based on fictitious terms and conditions and scenarios.

Flash Invest (pdf, FR)Business Invest Plan financial fact sheet (pdf, FR)General terms and conditions (pdf, FR)


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